Sizwe Dhlomo Lands Cassper In Trouble

Did he really mean well?

By  | Dec 21, 2021, 07:54 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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There is no denying that Cassper has had quite the eventful week especially after he threw the most star studded birthday party Mzansi has ever witnessed. Can we also talk about the McLaren he bought himself as a birthday gift? There is no stopping what he can do.

And even with all the hate that has been going round about him and his music, it seems Cassper has one loyal fan who is willing to vouch for him no matter what. Just recently, media personality Sizwe Dhlomo took to his twitter, in a tweet that seems to have rubbed Mzansi the wrong way.

Sizwe tweeted saying, “If we’re being honest, Cassper adds flavour when he’s featured on a track. He’s been doing this since Ngud’…” Following his tweet, his comment section is already flooded with tweeps who, let's just say do not agree with anything Sizwe said.

According to tweeps, Cassper should just stick to doing music on his own because every music video where he has been featured, as Sizwe mentioned, did not need him anyway.

Tweeps have recalled music videos like Siyathandana, where he featured with Boohle, saying that his verse on the hit song was very unnecessary.

Cassper’s fans have also shown up to shut down the hate that is being spread on Sizwe’s comment section. They are saying that whether or not his verses are not needed on the hit songs where he has been featured, there is no denying that he adds the much needed sauce to the song. Do you agree?

For fans, the only question is, when will this hate on Cassper end? Just recently, podcaster and media mogul Nota Baloyi also decided that it had been a while since he threw shade at Cassper.

Taking to his podcast, Nota revealed that Cassper was a fraud, revealing that the McLaren he claimed he had bought for his birthday was actually on a promotion deal, and that he had instead chosen to make his fans believe that he had bought it with his own money.

Cassper, of course, was not about to let the rumours about him just slide. He took to his Twitter to savagely clapback at Nota Baloyi and everyone else who is all about throwing shade when they don’t even know the whole story. 

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