Sizwe Would Ditch His Woman For $500 Million?

Are we even surprised?

By  | Nov 29, 2021, 05:51 PM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

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Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has been making headlines during the past weeks following his case and that of former colleague Unathi Nkayi. The two are alleged to have had an altercation that led to Unathi’s firing and it is all Mzansi has been talking about.

This time however, Sizwe is breaking the internet with something entirely different. In a tweet, Sizwe responded to a tweep’s question where they asked if one could go for 3 years without having s*x and in return get a whooping $500 million.

What seems to have shocked many was when the media personality responded to the question in a tweet saying, “Light work”. You can already imagine how hilarious the comments that are streaming in are. Many are asking Sizwe to define what s*x really is before they can commit to an answer themselves.

Other tweeps seem to agree that since they are already practicing celibacy, 3 more years would not be such a hard thing to do as they are already doing it for free. According to Sizwe, this is simply sacrificing in order to be rewarded in the long term. But that is not a sentiment that is shared by many on his timeline.

Tweeps have also taken it upon themselves to convert the $500 million dollars into Rands and let’s just say that the too many zeroes seem to be convincing Mzansi to join Sizwe’s side. But really, who wouldn’t? $500 million dollars is a whole load of good money am I right?

But even as we say this let us not forget that Sizwe Dhlomo is one of the wealthiest media personalities across Mzansi. And even though he is shocking many with his revelation, this is probably very easy and very little money for him. I mean, think about it. Sizwe owns massive property across the country and he even has horses! Why is he still interested in accumulating that much money?

It was not that long ago Sizwe revealed to his fans in a tweet that cheating as not such a big deal for him because sometimes it’s really just a mistake and really, if people talk it out then, there is no need to end the relationship. Let’s just say that after that particular revelation we are not so surprised that he would say no to s*x for $500 million. Would you?

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