Celebrities you were not happy to see in a relationship

You would think that some people would be happy for our celebs being in relationships...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

Yonda thomas

...but unfortunately that is not necessarily the case when it comes some of our celebs, especially the male ones.

Here at ZAlebs we love introducing the baes of some of your favourite celebrities and as much as some of you may not like our revelations it's always interesting to see your heart-broken reactions to these lovely couples.

Here are some celebrities you were not impressed 

Yonda Thomas
Yonda and bae

Yonda and his lady Taz make such a cute couple and as much as we rejoiced about their union, some of our lady readers were heart-broken at the fact that Yonda is not single.

Here are just some hilarious Facebook comments from the post:

We're sorry dear readers but please be happy for our celebrities and their baes, no need to sthina people ok?

Sands Matsebula

Then there was afro-pop singer Sands and his lady Thobeka Njilo. 

The singer won many hearts with his single Tigigi but it seems he has eyes for only one lady. Unfortunately, this did not settle well with some of our readers.

Psyfo "Sidwell" Ngwenya

Out of all the bae revelations this year, you really took Psyfo's new relationship hard, it's as if he broke everyone's heart. Poor guy, can he just live and move on?

At least some people defended Psyfo.

Kid X

Could this be kidX's special somebody?

Yeah, some people didn't take kindly to Kid X's relationship as well.

Sorry guys but these gentlemen are taken and maybe in 2018 we'll try post celebs who are single, but there aren't too many of those these days.

Main Image Credit: Facebook