Celebs react to #Kamo rape hoax

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It seems even local celebrities were duped by the gut-wrenching – but fake – story about Kamo.

Twitter user, @JustKhuthi, had South Africans in tears after sharing a story on about her friend Kamogelo “Kamo” Peterson, whose father had to turn off her life support after she was attacked and raped. 

Khuthi's story, which was told in 70 points on Twitter, had people hanging on to her every word, and shedding bucket loads of tears.

The tale began after she tweeted, “story time” - which should have been a clue in itself.

Khuthi claimed her best friend Kamo went missing, and her blood stained car was found abandoned, with no sign of her.

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Kamo was allegedly eventually found badly beaten, raped, and clinging to life after being dumped on the side of the road. 

Her father, who a few years earlier had apparently lost Kamo’s twin and mother in a car accident, was forced to turn off Kamo’s life support due to her severe injuries. 

Khuthi ended her story: “I'm only 18, but I feel like I'm 43. I'm tired of being South African. Please be safe out there. We live in such a cruel world...Will we get justice for Kamo? Probably not. Peace? I don't know. But I pray to forgive and heal. Rest in peace lover @Kamo51702562

Thousands tweeted their messages of condolences, while others urged the women in their lives to be careful while driving alone. 

Khuthi even thanked people for their support, and her story made it into local newspapers. 

But it was all a big lie! Khuthi, who should probably start writing fiction novels, made the whole thing up.

Twitter users poked holes in Khuthi's story, after doing some investigating and uncovered her lies. 

Not only did celebrities tweet their sadness over the story, but so did government officials.

Here’s what some of them had to say after discovering the story was fake. 

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Despite Khuthi crying wolf about a serious issue, the Department of Women feel it is not just a story, but a reality for many women in SA.

Image credit: Twitter/@JustKhuti

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Image credit: Twitter/@JustKhuti