Cici: Learning to forgive a man who wasn't sorry was the hardest part

Cici takes us back to the day she got injured

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Cici Twala  | Drama


It’s been almost eight months since the alleged domestic abuse incident between 999 boss Arthur Mafokate and Busisiwe ‘Cici’ Twala made headlines, and although Cici has recovered she recently had to reopen old wounds by unpacking the clothes she arrived at the hospital with from the night of the reported abuse.

Cici took to Instagram posting a video of the clothes she was wearing on the night she had reportedly been abused by Arthur Mafokate

“For the first time today I unpacked the clothes that I arrived in at the Hospital..Quiet sickening to think a person can cause such harm to another. Just reminded me that I did the right thing by speaking out about my abuse..This is the night the old me died.”

Cici 2

Cici went on to add that whilst God has given her a second chance, she has learned to be her own hero and to forgive a man who was unapologetic about his wrongdoings.

“Spent 4-5 in surgery had to learn how to walk again.. But most of all needed to learn to love my scars because this is what warriors are made of. On this night God granted me a second chance at life and I will run with it never to look back. Superheroes don't always wear Capes..I needed to be my own superhero and night in shining armor.. #StopAbuse Thank you to @notinmynamesa for helping me fight this battle..Learning to forgive a man who wasn't sorry was the hardest part..#takebackyourlife #takebackyourpower” Said Cici

Cici might still have to deal with the emotional trauma from the incidence but has since then begun to work herself back into the industry by releasing music under Ambitious Records.

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