Claire Mawisa's son is the most well hidden celebrity kid

Some of her fans had no idea that she was even a mom 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Claire Mawisa  | Drama

Claire Mawisa's son is the most well hidden celebrity kid

When it comes to being a celebrity parent, many are wary of how much of their lives they should expose their children to and vice versa. 

Some opt not to post their children at all, while others go for the obscured pictures, there are those who, like Claire, talk about their children but opt to let them choose how much exposure they want when they're old enough to make that decision. 

If you're a born free who hasn't followed South African entertainment news that closely, you will be forgiven for not knowing that Mawisa has a nineteen-year-old son named Neo. Even despite the fact that she often mentions him on her social media feed, she just does not post many pictures of him. 

Mawisa reflected on her transition into motherhood in a recent social media post in which she said “I lost most of my friends during the pregnancy and first year of my child’s life; partly due to the fact that none of them were moms yet.”

This after a friend of Mawisa's asked other moms if they had experienced the same thing.

She did add however that this was a common aspect of life and that her friends found their way back into her life when they too became moms. 

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