Colin Moss: What it's like to be me

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Colin Moss  | Drama

Colin Moss tells ZAlebs about his new movie, "The Girl from Nowhere". Plus, he reveals his worst stand-up comedy gig ever! 

Could you tell us more about your new film The Girl from Nowhere that’s underway?

Well this film is an independent project; however the producers of the film are still waiting for their final funding call backs so hopefully the film is still going to happen sometime this year.  The film is essentially a free hander with a very small cast; we’re going to be settled in one location which will make the whole project much more realistic.  The storyline basically involves a guy who has an affair and a femme fatale who creates a lot of conflict within the film. I agreed taken part in this project because it focuses on human conflicts and personal experiences which I’ve enjoyed playing rather than being in an action packed film with special effects etc.

In the international film A World Unseen you played the supporting role of an unscrupulous/evil policeman. How was it playing such a role as you’re usually in roles where you’re the good guy?

(Laughs) You know it’s such a shame because some of my best scenes in that movie were cut. I had some lovely scenes with my co-star Natalie, I would’ve loved for people to see that but due to time and just getting to the core of the story some of the scenes had to be cut.  Those scenes were much longer and meatier and I must say I’ve been given more opportunities to play roles of a** holes and douchebags (laughs). I don’t know why it comes so naturally (laughs) but I must admit I do enjoy playing those roles. I do enjoy playing smaller roles of that nature instead of having an entire film on my shoulders.

Boxers or briefs?

(Laughs) It’s funny how so many times in my career I’ve been asked that question, but umm…I prefer boxers.

Have you ever had a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?

Certainly nothing unpleasant but there was an incident where I had my Mustang keyed, but that might’ve not been a fan, that might’ve just been someone who didn’t like the fact that I drove a cool car and then decided to key it.  One other surprise is when I was on stage and I was doing a live show, one lady in the front row just decided to flash me so that really took me by surprise.

As a comedian have you ever had any embarrassing moments that made you think twice about your career?

Errr…There’s been so many but the worst ones are always in the coolest areas where there’s like VIP’s or other zalebrities - the cool crowds are always the worst gigs for me.  Zalebrities & VIP’s just make the worst audience to perform for. My worst individual gig was in Hout Bay like ten years ago, it was horrible there was never an audience bigger than like seven people (laughs) so yeah it was rough back then. As a matter of fact I just recorded for Comedy Central and my episode is airing on the 2nd week of May…I would appreciate it if you guys all watched it!