Marah Louw Slams The Fergusons

Mara(h) Louw clashes with the famous couple once again

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Connie Ferguson  | Drama

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We thought the noise against the Fergusons had died down, but Marah Louw had other ideas. The veteran actor has come out and called out Connie and Shona for exploitation, blacklisting and a slew of damning accusations.

Those with sharp memories will recall that Marah and the Fergusons have clashed on a number of occasions, most notably in 2018 when Mara Louw came out and slammed the couple for offering her an "insulting" contract that was well below her rate and worth in the industry. That feud ended over 18 months ago and round two kicked off this Tuesday when Mara found herself trending for making even more explosive claims against the Fergusons.

Speaking at the highly publicised Power Dialogue this Tuesday, Marah came out and exposed the disservice that Shona Ferguson and the rest of the Ferguson Films crew had done her in the years since she left their production, The Queen. This was in the wake of Vatiswa Ndara's explosive open letter which exposed the famous couple for dramatically underpaying her.

In support of Vatiswa's struggles, Marah affirmed that the Fergusons were not the couple that their rosey-eyed fans like to pretend they are. Instead, she appeared to be on a mission to expose them for their unfair employment practices when she said:

“In 2003, I was earning R65k a month. Now I have to be told by Shona (Ferguson) who is a child that I am too expensive. If you wanna pay peanuts, go find a monkey”

She hasn't stopped there, either. In a brief conversation with Tshisa Live, Marah mentioned how The Fergusons have blacklisted her from working in the entertainment industry ever since she left The Queen. She added:

"Since I spoke out, I have been blacklisted. I have not worked since 2017. It's a cruel industry. I have been told by a few producers that they would love to work with me but they have been told that I am impossible to work with and complain about money.

"I was told by another producer that he wanted to work with me but was told not to. I now live by the grace of God."

As you can imagine, South Africans have had plenty to say on social media about Mara's recent revelations. While some people are sympathetic with her struggles, others are claiming that she is slamming the Fergusons out of jealousy.

One way or another, we don't think this is the end of the Fergusons vs Marah Louw.

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