The Ferguson's Get An Ego Boost

Following, Dineo getting the boot, The Queen rekindles fans' love.

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 03:11 PM  | Connie Ferguson  | Drama

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Connie has shared her appreciation with fans via Instagram to thank them for making her birthday unforgettable with all the videos and messages. It turns out that despite the Ferguson's having their tea spilled by stars like Dineo who revealed this week that her character Kea got the boot, the duo still harnesses the support of Mzansi.
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Following the negative publicity that this week saw, the Ferguson's still managed to redeem their reputation and hold their heads high. The return of Shaka played by Khoza proved to be a valuable move as fans are ecstatic about his return. It added to the Fergusons' point that characters come and go in telenovelas. 

Ironically a tweet from Andries (an employee for the Fergusons) surfaced a few hours ago on The Queen's Twitter page.

It seemed like the lifesaver that Connie, and husband Shona needed. A reply tweet on The Queen's page showed staff familiarity with the duo and appreciation for them from their employees.

Connie's fans have spoken and given her advice on handling the negativity and she has shown her sheer appreciation for them.

She has also taken to Twitter to let fans know that no hindrance has come to the production of The Queen and the show is still running from strength to strength.

God is good to the Fergusons as they are good to their fans.

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