#DateMyFamily: Alcohol ruined everything

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

Most of the single people who come on this show are the ones you would expect to find in committed relationships, if not married already. It seems like this thing called love is a bit elusive.

This week we met Asafika Mbangatha, a 25-year-old intern doctor and mother-of-one. Asafika is beautiful, smart, and focused, but has too many rules. There is nothing wrong with creating standards, but then the kind of man Asafika is looking for can only be found at church behind the pulpit.

Dr Mbangatha was given the privilege to share a meal with three different families. Before everything, Asafika made it clear that she doesn’t like to or have a braai. (What South African does not like a braai?!)

This Dr came across as very hard to please at this point.

Dr Mbangatha shared her first meal with Donald’s family. The luncheon went well and it also seemed liked our bachelorette had a great time. The only problem we picked up on was that Donald looked a bit dishevelled - he’s one of those people who fail to understand that image is important and first impressions last.

We see that his yellow attire and gold teeth confused a lot of you...

The second family was Komane’s family. We honestly loved them, they were chilled and seemed like a bunch of cool people. And this was the part where Asa mentioned that her idea of having fun is playing board games, going to theatres, and staying indoors. Her idea of having fun makes her sound like a very serious and uptight person. 

Mpho’s family was the last in line to impress the strict Dr Mbangatha. Mpho said physical attributes of a woman matter, we had to laugh a little after that statement because Mpho shouldn’t be too concerned on physical attributes when his front teeth are still missing.  

The lunch was okay until Asafika choked on her own hair! We still don’t understand how the weave got into her mouth. Then our Twitter admin had to be very spicy with that Hugh Masekela tweet.

The Dr chose to go out with Donald and we believe the choice was prompted by the fact that they both have kids and she thought at least they will have something in common. 

Unfortunately, the Dr was wrong. As expected, she wasn’t pleased with Donald’s outfit and, to make matters worse, he was reeking of alcohol.

We loved how candid Asafika was. She was straightforward and told him she’s disappointed and he’s not what she had in mind. We must also commend her for taking this show seriously because she literally cried when she realised she’s going home bae-less.

Unfortunately, Twitter was relentless.