Police Pounce On Dineo!

Reportedly she owes a whopping 20K.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

South African media personality, Dineo Ranaka experienced a low blow at her workplace at the SABC headquarters in Auckland Park yesterday, when the men in blue pounced on her during her mid morning show on Metro FM.

The mother of two is being taken to the cleaners by her former manager, Palesa Molemela, for allegedly refusing to pay R22,000, for her services as a booking manager and administrator between October 2017 and August 2018.

According to Palesa, the two had an oral agreement that she will receive a 20% commission on all of Ranaka's bookings as her Manager. Palesa has been trying to get her cut from Dineo for getting her booked as the South African Music Awards host last year and two other jobs with  SAB World Beer.

Palesa later went to the Small Claims Court to get legal help in getting Dineo to pay up her commission. The first letter of demand was issued in September last year but Dineo ignored it. Clearly in a desperate situation, Palesa issued another one at the Metro FM studios.

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Dineo could not have anticipated the level of embarrassment from this particular episode. According to Sowetan, Palesa showed up to the Metro FM studios accompanied by two police officers and her two small children during Dineo's show!

However not all went accordingly, it was reported that Dineo refused to sign the second letter of demand when the police handed it over to her after waiting for her to wrap up the show.

Speaking to Sowetan, Palesa said the following:

"Police waited for her as she was still on air and then she eventually came out. She walked past us. The police came out five minutes later to tell me she refused to sign." She continued to add: "She said I have already sent a letter of demand through my attorney and the only communication from her will be through her lawyer."

According to Palesa, Dineo lambasted her - enquiring why she had to embarrass her at her workplace because she has access to her personal info including home address to ID. Allegedly, Dineo has been given 14 days to repay the money to her former manager.

This is a tough situation because it is not nice when personal matters take a seat at one's workplace. Hopefully the involved parties could find solutions.

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