Dineo Ranaka is "ashamed to be South African"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

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Dear black South Africa, what makes you better? That's what Dineo Ranaka wants to know right now. The reality TV star is just one of many Mzansi stars to voice out their thoughts on xenophobia. Lots of innocent lives have been targeted in Durban recently, and what's their crime? They are foreign nationals.

Dineo took to Instagram and wrote: "Who died and made you kings and queens of Africa? NO ONE! What makes you more deserving of a better life than any other African? NOTHING!!!!!"

She said some people's "hand-out" mentality has distorted their view on life. "Selfish, cold hearted, evil, cruel, disrespectful, uneducated members of South African society. So distorted that people must die such brutal deaths because you have an issue with YOURSELF. Because YOU FAIL to be the change you want to see in YOUR LIFE. Most of you don't even have passports. You have never travelled outside the township that raised you, and NO a trip to JHB CBD for cheap shopping is not travelling. You, yes, YOU racist black person are pathetically uneducated. Even in things as simple as understanding that Africa is for Africans NOT just South Africans."

Tjo! She really took it there. 

She added: "In hindsight, it had to be South Africans that died IN BULK in Nigeria. Karma greets us all in the most unsuspecting ways. The laws of the universe will never let you/us be great!!! Not like this." 

She broke our hearts when she said that she's ashamed to be South African today. "Because from where I sit, my contribution is limited to an Instagram post. What can one do really? The vast of us feel helpless..."

Come on South Africa, let's rise up against xenophobia once and for all. 

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