Dineo Ranaka Issues A Very Scathing Warning!

All her haters might wanna hear this

By  | Mar 28, 2022, 11:53 AM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

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The internet is still reeling over the chaos which ensued between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars. This because the comedian made a distasteful joke about Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, about her appearing at a film which stars a bald lead.

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Now, the joke was deemed disrespectful because Jada has a condition called Alopecia which resulted in her hair loss. This saw Will Smith slapping the comedian mid-speech and told him to keep his name out of his wife's mouth.

Now, many of our local celebrities addressed this and said they relate to it. One of them is Dineo Ranaka.

Dineo is one ZAleb who does get disrespected often too many times. She took to Instagram to share that she too would have done the exact same thing because the disrespect sometimes gets too much.

Dineo shared two videos addressing this. The first is of her discussing how she hates white linen because it reminds her of being hospitalised.

"White bed linen really traumatises me so I force myself to sleep in it so that I can overcome the trauma. It reminds me of being in hospital and I have been in hospital a number of times."

Then she went on to discuss the Will Smith saga, "In life there are Will Smith's and there are Chris Rock's, I am Will Smith" she laughs. "People say 'be graceful be the bigger person, be kind.' And yes, 'be careful of the devil because at your highest moment that's when he comes for you.' No, but you guys are high in your moments when you re disrespectful. You are very disrespectful in your high moments.

"So even me in my highest moments, I am going to handle the disrespect, guys I am not Mary, I am not Jesus Christ. I am going to cuss at you, I am going to hit you. You know why? I am not going to depressed because I suppressed my feelings that are supposed to be a response to your disrespect." 

Then in another IGTV, she then addresses the quote Will Smith said he got from Denzel Washington.

"You know we just learnt the beautiful quote 'be careful of the devil because at your highest moment that's when he comes for you,' great thing. I just want to address this. In prayer we are very aggressive with the devil. When we are speaking spiritually, we address him where he is invincible. So now when he decides to occupy a human being so he can present himself to you in human form, am I not to address the devil physically because he has chosen to present himself physically.

"So now when they say in my highest moment and the devil shows up, I must in my highest remind the devil that no it's my moment, I will slap you, then you must sit down. It's my moment, not yours satan."

Dineo believes that she was placed on this Earth to frighten the devil and give him a headache.

She is also known for this when she scolded her former lover Sechaba Thole and told him she only used him to get over her former lover and their failed marriage.

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