Dineo Ranaka To Pay Back R18 000 After Choosing Somizi's Wedding Over A Gig

She is in trouble

By  | Jun 23, 2020, 05:11 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

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 DJ Dineo Ranaka has been involved in another row over money. The Dj has been told to pay R18 000 after ditching an event for Somizi's wedding. 

On the same day as Somizi's wedding she had been booked to play at Reezyville Birthday wave party in East London.  

According to the letter shown to Sunday World the promoter Ziwele paid Dineo a deposit of R12 000 and added a further R6 000 to cover travelling and accommodation fees. 

“Our clients complied with the terms of the agreement and deposited an amount of R12 000.00 into your account. Proof of payment is attached hereto marked C,” reads the document. Travelling costs were paid by our clients and proof of bookings amounting to R6 203.00 is attached marked as D.

Our clients hereby demand that you pay them an amount of R18 203. 00 within 10 days of receipt of this letter, failing which our clients will take appropriate legal action against you, at your cost.” 

Apparently Dineo backed out of the event two days before she was scheduled to pay and had said she would reimburse the promoter but she still hasn't. 

“She cancelled two days before, as she said she was going to attend Somizi’s wedding. She promised to refund our money, but till today she has blocked me on every social platform.” 

While Dineo's manager confirmed the deposit and the agreement, he is in disagreement over the fees that the Dj is supposed to pay.  

“The problem is the promoter demanded that we reimburse him for the booking fee [R12 000] which was discounted and is not our standard out-of-town booking fee. He demanded we pay flights, accommodation and advertisements costs, as well as the event cost of which we totally disagreed.”

“We will refund him, but we refuse to pay up for accommodation and travel, especially since he was given a discounted rate due to his complaint about having a limited budget. 

This is not the first time she has been involved in a row over money. Remember the time she was allegedly arrested at the SABC studio? Her former manager
Palesa went to the Small Claims Court to get legal help in getting Dineo to pay up her commission. 

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