“I’m Trying My Best Not To Commit Suicide” - Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka’s cry for help via Instagram.

By  | May 23, 2023, 10:37 AM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

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Dineo Ranaka has been keeping a low profile of late. This is as the veteran broadcaster and traditional healer has seemingly focussed on keeping herself mentally healthy. As such, even her brand has extended this narrative as the LuvDr beauty range creator has ventured into apparel again.

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However, this time, the athleisure apparel line is aptly called ANXY, pronounced anxiety, which aimed to highlight her own battles with mental health. 

While it seems that the journey into traditional healing and heeding her calling might have initially helped her. It seems that Dineo is spiralling yet again following her recent series of posts on Instagram.  

“I’m trying my best not to commit suicide” - Dineo Ranaka

Taking to Instagram recently, Dineo set off the alarms as she took to the app to share how she has been battling with suicidal thoughts of late. In a series of posts, she shared that:

I completely understand souls/spirits/ people that commit suicide. I get it. I get them. Because I’m trying my best not to commit suicide. My mind is so loud of late and life is f*cking hard. *crying emoji* So f*cking hard and I’m trying my best, but it seems my best is not hard enough.

My children God! My children (translated from isiZulu on her post)
It seems that the personality is calling out for help. As such, it seems that she remains true to her sentiments that the public should continue to look at her as human rather than a role mode of sorts. As reported then: 

TV and Radio personality Dineo Ranaka recently took to her social media platforms to open up about her struggle with anxiety.

"I am not okay! I have anxiety guys," she wrote on Instagram, also sharing, "I am on leave, and the kids are away. I nearly rushed out of bed from anxiety and fear of being late."

A few days ago, Dineo took to Instagram to celebrate her divorce, saying it was worth it. Read More: Dineo Mocks Her Short Marriage

Dineo has never shied away from opening up about her failed relationships on social media. A few weeks ago she was caught on camera calling out her ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole in public.

In a viral video, Dineo revealed that she dated Sechaba a few months after her divorce: “F****** getting excited that I got a small little crush on you. I was going through a divorce. I divorced him in less than a year. You come into my life, three months and you think I’m waiting for your f****** calls? F*** you! I got rid of a n**** in marriage in less than a year because I know what the f*** I want and what I stand for. 

“The problem is that you think you know me and you think you know too much. I used you to heal. You used people to boost your f****** ego. Grow the f*** up. Talk about ego, I got a bigger one than yours. Of course, you’re going to get anxiety when I wake up and I step presence in your life. ‘Hey Dineo I don’t call you because you give me anxiety. I’m too big,” she said.

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