Is DJ Ankletap replacing Dineo Ranaka?

And Sol Phenduka will be replaced with Skhumba?

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One of the earliest exits announced during what is touted as the open trading season of radio locally was that of longstanding Y.FM personality Bryce “DJ Anhkletap” Clarke. The host of the station’s breakfast show confirmed his exit when it was reported that:

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Earlier in the week, it was reported by Phil Mphela that after a 12-year stint as part of the Y.FM team, DJ Ankletap was leaving the radio station. This comes after the radio jock worked his way up the ranks of the radio station from doing the graveyard shift to eventually being afforded the opportunity to host the breakfast show.

Malume, as he is fondly referred to by his fans, then took to his own social media to confirm his exit from Y.FM. However, while the announcement of his exit was early, fans and listeners will have the entire month to bid farewell to the beloved personality.

This is as DJ Amkletap took to his social media to assert that he is staying for the duration of March 2023. Moreover, that his last day as the host of Y.Mornings is only set to end on Friday, 24 March 2023. 

As the countdown to his last days nears its end, Ankletap has been teasing where he is going next and riling up his friend and fellow radio personality and podcaster Sol Phenduka. 

Ankletap replacing Dineo Ranaka? 
Following the confirmation of his imminent departure from Y.FM, one of the biggest questions is, “Where is Ankletap going next?” Given that he has yet to move, it seems that he cannot confirm the matter just yet. However, that did not stop him from teasing the move. 

As such, friend and fellow broadcaster Sol Phenduka during an episode of Podcast and Chill suggested that through watching the easter eggs that Ankletap was sharing via social media, it seemed that he was going to East Coast Radio. 

However, Ankletap then took the mickey out of the moment by suggesting that this was not true. Moreover, that he was actually moving to Kaya959 and was set to replace Sol and Dineo on their popular Kaya959 Breakfast show. But Sol, who does not like being wrong, took to Twitter to rubbish the tweet. 
But it was Ankletap’s next clue that seemed to tease his actual move. This is as he and former Kaya959 personality Skhumba took to the timeline to confirm that they will be working together as they did back in 2020 during the 26th edition of the SAMAs. 

Moreover, he confirmed that he was going to a coastal radio station. Therefore, the chances are that he is actually moving to either East Coast Radio or Gagasi FM, which are two popular coastal, Durban, to be specific radio stations. 

The combination of Skhumba and Ankletap will be interesting to listen to considering that Skhumba and Thoimas were seen as an odd pairing due to the fact that their individual comprehension of English is not the same.  

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