No more nudes: Operation Gqokisa is in full effect

Mzansi trying to fix the country one nude picture at a time.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | DJ Cleo  | Drama


Are your naked pictures on social media? Don't worry because  Operation Gqokisa is in full effect.

Naked pictures on the internet are everywhere, even when you're not searching for them.

One minute you're minding your business scrolling through the timeline then out of nowhere naked bodies or half-naked bodies are all over your screen. 

And the scariest part about this is that such things happen when you're on your phone in public. How embarrassing right?

But you no longer need to worry about these naked pictures getting spread all over social media because Operation Gqokisa is here to fix Mzansi's nude photo problem.

Gqokisa an isiZulu term that means clothe so South African's are doing their bid to help fix the country by clothing every other naked or half-naked image they see on these social media streets.

DJ Cleo's body is hot without a doubt, but South Africans feel that the country is already dealing with so much when it comes to politics and current news that a half-naked picture of him is unnecessary at the moment.


Zodwa Wabantu knows the Operation Gqokisa police all too well, especially considering that she's half naked almost all the time.


And the fun thing about Operation Gqokisa is that you can clothe the same picture in many different ways.

Zodwa Wabantu

So if you know you're revealing pictures are on social media, don't stress too much about it, it probably has been handled already.


Let's engage, what are your thoughts about the Operation Gqokisa system that is currently being utilized by our fellow citizens?

We personally think it's a great idea, there are far too many naked photos on our timelines.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DJCleo1