Euphonik finally speaks on abuse incident

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | DJ Euphonik  | Drama

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Two years after DJ Euphonik made headlines for physically abusing his girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, he finally broached the subject during an interview with journalist Nicky Greenwall on celebrity chat show 'ScreenTime'.

Euphonik, whose real name is a Themba Nkosi, and media personality Bonang in 2012 caused quite a stir when she obtained a protection order against the DJ after he physically abused her. Reports at the time claimed that he slapped her and allegedly "kicked her like a football" until neighbours rushed to her aid upon hearing her screams.

The DJ and music producer at the time didn't really discuss the situation with the media, but opened up about it during the interview recently.

Euphonik has over the years built a strong personal brand for himself but said that, despite the loud public outcry, the situation didn't really damage the business side of his image.

"I think publicly it was a very big deal, but I think to everyone that knows me, and knows about me, and knows where I come from and the kind of person that I am, it didn't really sway their perception in any way," he said.

"Because what generally happens in instances like this is you lose your endorsements. I'm aligned to some very, very big brands and none of that happened. I had a lot of support through that time."

And of his choice to not really publicly discuss the issue, which Greenwall describes as having seemed quite one-sided, the DJ said it wasn't so much a strategic move as a natural inclination.

"It was me being me. I've never been the person to say 'look at me, this is my girlfriend', 'look at me, this is the person I'm dating now', 'look at me, this is what's happening in my personal life'," said Euphonik.

"So when this stuff was happening, it would have been almost out of character for me to now all of a sudden be running my mouth and talking about it."

And when asked if he felt betrayed by partner, the DJ said: "To a certain extent, yes."

And quite vaguely added: "For me it was like, irrespective of what happened and how it happened, what happened behind our close doors is between you and I and, hundred percent, if there is anything that needs to get to this kind of a level, then let it get to that kind of a level, but then let it be that."

DJ Euphonik and Bonang reconciled following this scandal, though, and she in mid 2013 admitted that they were back together during an interview with Gareth Cliff on 5FM.

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