Rape Case Reportedly Dropped Again

The accuser tells her side of the story and promises to fight

By  | May 30, 2022, 09:21 AM  | DJ Euphonik  | Drama

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The rape case against celebrated DJs Euphonik and DJ Fresh has reportedly been dropped once again after it got re-opened last year. According to City Press, the case got withdrawn by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), as the investigating officer allegedly refused to prosecute the accused duo.

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NPA spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana told the publication, “The matter remains closed….. it was never enrolled.”

This time, the DJs are apparently suing for R500 000 defamation against the woman, whose Twitter name is Nampree. On top of that, they demand a public apology.

A disappointed but suspecting 'Nampree', is not backing down as she promises to have a lot of fight left in her. Taking to her social media account, she said she expected this outcome and then made some allegations against a private investigator.

"Exactly as I had anticipated. I said this would be the outcome. If you send back the same docket that was declined and do not correct or remove the lies written by the unknown PI from Botswana, Thabang Kotsedi, what do you expect?? Yes I've named him," she alleges.

She then took it further by alleging that the accused want to settle out of court, "Suing me but calling my lawyers nonstop wanting to settle OUT OF COURT. You wanna settle out of court?! No let's take this to court. We rejected the settlement out of court multiple times. Let's go to court, PLEASE."

'Nampree' has been vocalising her suspicions and disapprovals about the way the case is being handled on her Twitter account.

When she confirmed that the case got re-opened last year, supporters flooded her Twitter account with positive messages.

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After being accused of rape in 2020, DJ Fresh told IOL at the time that he did not know the accuser and her friends. He said, “I am aware that assertions have been made about me on social media and I understand that this is often the price of being in the public eye. The fact that these claims are untrue and from an unknown source, does not make them less hurtful,

“I am deeply concerned that spurious allegations about Gender-Based Violence, especially as it is one of the most significant societal challenges in South Africa, undermine the gravity of legitimate incidents, and impact the urgency with which they are attended. Each time someone succumbs to the temptation of using GBV to further personal agendas, the cause to eradicate this scourge takes a step backward.“

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