A Second Woman Is Accusing DJ Fresh Of Rape

2nd woman in 2021

By  | Feb 18, 2021, 12:05 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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A second woman has come forward and revealed that she too was raped by DJ Fresh! The woman whose handle is @TheKingsTings has tweeted a series of tweets that suggest that the Botswana born DJ raped her when she was in high school.
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The woman who calls herself Thrill Scott-Heron who’s apparently a writer, editor and curator according to her bio has shocked social media as she’s the second woman to come out this year. She’s also suggested in her tweets that DJ Fresh has conceived children from raping women some of whom were teenagers. The last part of the tweet which is actually the icing on the cake "she has living proof " suggests that she has a child with DJ Fresh.

She tweeted a series of tweets this morning which read:

“I hope they come for me. Cause I have the institutional backing (and also living proof to back it up) but I’ve been aware of DJ Fresh as a predator since I was in late high school. I just didn’t have the language to call it rape then.

I know Fresh follows me. I would like you to sue me. I have a lot of things to say that I can only be protected in saying once you bring the matter to a court of law. But I know like you know that your victims are many. And some of them birthed proof of your abuse.”

Here are some reactions from her tweets:

“This is not surprising. This is how the world turns. What you think they meant when they said nothing stays buried forever? When you do harm against people you do harm against nature itself. And nature buries its dead. That means it takes care of its own.”

“That's exactly the mindset of predators who use power and money to abuse vulnerable pockets of society.....it does not exonerate them from being sexual molesters...there r men out there who respect young naive budding girls as children irrespective of ukuphapha kwabo...”

“Vula I case sisi! Perpetrators need to be dealt with... No matter how rich or famous you are... Nathi we have abantwana Bama ntombazane and the image of your child being a victim is sickening! Phumani nonke and open cases for labantu.”
“Open a case, this will strengthen the cases of the other victims, The more people speak out the stronger it gets and now it seems like things are getting worse for the guys, They are already exposing themselves so open a case.”

This is a developing story!

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