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Will.I.Am has paid DJ Lag after stealing his song

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The Gqom DJ is on cloud 9 after he got paid what's due to him. If you may recall, last year November the Durban Gqom DJ's 2016 song Ice Drop got stolen by American DJ and radio presenter DJ Megan Ryte, who made a remake and named it Culture.

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When South African's first heard the song, they were up in arms fighting for one of their own till American musician and producer who was featured on the song alongside American rapper ASAP Ferg, intervened. from the popular group Black Eyed Peas issued out an apology on Megan's behalf, taking the blame for the "mishap" which occurred.

Now in less than two months, stood by his word and paid a confidential amount to DJ Lag. He told Sowetan Live that he was happy with the settlement but would not disclose what exactly it entails. 

"My team at Black Major and their management team got in touch very quickly to discuss solutions. Communication was fast and I think this has something to do with all the pressure on social media. The settlement reflects my contribution as a composer of the music of Culture. I can’t share details but I can confirm that I am very happy with the settlement. It is all agreed and settled,” the DJ told the publication.

To make matters even more delightful, the DJ said they are in good terms and that there could be a possibility of a collaboration between them.

Despite his Instagram video where apologises, DJ Lag felt as though his apology was not directed at him. This is what he said:

"What’s up everybody, I’m here to clarify the situation between the song Culture and Drop ice by DJ Lag. First I want to take the time to apologise to Megan Ryte from the bottom of my heart. Megan, I’m truly sorry for putting you in this situation and I want everyone to know Megan does not deserve the hate you are throwing at her, because Megan didn’t do anything wrong."

"The person that’s at fault is myself. When the song was turned in, I turned in the credit information to Megan and I obviously got the credit information wrong. When I realised I made a mistake I tried to fix it and that point in time it was already too late, so I apologise to DJ Lag. DJ Lag you are an awesome producer, you have an amazing future ahead of you and I’m so sorry for getting the information wrong," said

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