Nota Says 'Goodbye' To DJ Maphorisa's Brand

This after he and Thuli P released joint statements

By  | May 16, 2023, 08:44 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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Nota Baloyi has added his opinion on the ongoing DJ Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo debate after issuing joint statements. The self-proclaimed music exec said Maphorisa can kiss his brand goodbye.

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Taking to social media, Nota Baloyi said: 

"RIP to brand Maphorisa… He can kiss corporate support goodbye & Thuli Phongolo will use their statement as an admission of guilt. Never put a woman in mission-ary position to destroy your career. Bookings & streams will still come in but endorsements are where the real money is!"

When the news broke, Nota was pretty vocal about how he feels regarding Thuli P.

He alleged that Thuli was paid to tarnish Phori's image in a series of tweets:

"If a Nkabi can kill you for less than $2200 why would it be farfetched for your enemy to pay a yellow-bone Slay Queen to start a fight with you then run to the police with bruises because you defended yourself? If you’re a yellow-bone Slay Queen, how much would you charge for it?" he tweeted.

"I’m far from Sandton & I knew from the very first post that my friend who has my unconditional loyalty, was setup… We hold space for our brothers in this World that sees innocent dark skinned men as criminals & savages. I know DJ Maphorisa too well to believe lies about him!" added Nota.

Ntsiki Mazwai shared her own 2 cents on the matter as well. She said celeb couples should have their own court systems. 

"Personally I think that couples should have their own court systems and justice systems, because they keep wasting our time with their lover's quarrels which involve domestic violence and assault, and those are big things in society.

"Since these celebrity ladies keep dropping charges it makes it seem as if it's not a big issue. It completely undermines genuine cases because clearly, you guys don't mind being in the back-and-forth abusive relationships, but it actually does matter in society. So I believe that couples needs their own systems because I'm tired of these celebrity girls dropping charges." 

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