DJ Sbu Tells Trolls Where To Get Off Over 'Messy' Look

"I am not shaving this beard and my hair"

By  | Aug 16, 2022, 09:51 AM  | DJ Sbu  | Drama

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DJ Sbu's new look has trolls dragging and trolling him on social media. The entrepreneur and radio presenter's image has evolved over the past few years. He grew out dreadlocks then suddenly let his beard grow even longer. His fashion sense also started changing and him advising people to hug trees is not helping him. 

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Last week, trolls created memes making fun of DJ Sbu saying he doe snot bath and that he looks like a hobo. The mean comments did not sit well with Sbu who called people out on Facebook Live.

“Apparently people are saying I don’t bath. Guys, come on, there are more serious things we could be discussing in this country. Leave my beard and hair alone," he said. He added that his longevity in the industry makes him not want to prove anything to anyone, "I have been working for many years guys and I don’t have anything to prove. I’m good.” 

He said he will not be shaving his beard or his hair for anyone, “Ni ngi jwayela kabi mara (y'all are now being very disrespectful) but I love guys anyway. I am not shaving this beard and my hair.” 

Sbu's message was for people to watch how he moves and how he works his way into becoming a billionaire. Not to worry about his looks as it is his personal choice.

“It doesn’t mean that when one lets their hair or beard grow, they don’t bath. On a serious note, for those who care about me, I’m good and healthy. I’m on point. My team is okay, my family is good, children are awesome, business is growing and we are working.” 

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DJ Sbu sparked this debate a few months back when he advised black people to hug trees and walk barefoot. 

"When you are a black person, you are so blessed that your melanin connects to this," he said, pointing at a tree. 

"Connects to the plants, connects to the earth. From time to time when you get a chance, just walk barefooted, just walk barefooted, either on your green grass, or the floor. When you get the chance just hug a tree. You can hug a tree for like 2-3 minutes."

"By just you hugging a tree - remember we are spiritual beings, we are all energy - everything that you are you are transmitting and you are receiving. In other words your hair is your aerial to connect with the earth."

"If you are a black person, your hair grows towards the sun because it is unique it has something other people do not have and that is your gift. Your gift for you to discover it who you are. When you know who you are, you get to connect with nature, when you do so, nature allows you to develop spiritually until your third eye is open."

Sbu then advises people about taking care of their third eye is and it is called the pineal gland, which according to him gives you intelligence.

"Once you start awakening your eye, that's when your life starts changing, that's when you start maturing because that means you are starting to become in tune and becoming one with nature."

According to the award-winning DJ one must hug a tree every day for 5 seconds and for 5 minutes daily, people must walk barefooted.

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