Maps Maponyane Celebrates Another Year Around The Sun

Happy Birthday to Maps Maponyane

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Today, the 20th of March 2023 marks the 33rd birthday of South African media darling Maps Maponyane.

Being the intellectual that he is Maps started the day by reciting some powerful lines from a poem by Robert Frost.

"Good Fences Make Good Neighbours" - A thought that goes through my mind as I contemplate on year 33 and what lies ahead. In Robert Frost's poem 'Mending Wall', he famously states "Good fences make good neighbours" - an idea of achieving a sense of amicability with your neighbours by being conscious of the walls and fences we build to demarcate our spaces and boundaries between one another."

"This of course is only effective or necessary depending on what one aims to keep in or keep out, and it can also be assumed that in order to keep those good neighbourly relationships, the divisions in between need not be too high, too far, too thick or overly obnoxious; as that would just be unneighbourly."

Maps likened the poem to modern-day society.

“In an 'ideal' society there is a strong notion that the collective always looks out for each other, whilst respecting each other's space, and uniting when need be, a kind of harmonious coming together and separating, in a movement indicative of the accordion.”

He says now that he is a year older, it is about taking another step in the right direction.

“In house number 33, I'm not new in town, only my house is and the decisions I'll take in creating it. It's not about starting from scratch, but in order to take another step in building and living in the house of my dreams with peace of mind, I aim to keep a great relationship with my neighbours, keeping them all close.

“Having borders built low enough to learn from house number 32, while not forgetting about the importance of my neighbour at number 31, 30, and so on. So, with all of this in mind, here's to 33, and here's to building something I can undoubtedly be proud of, and keeping good fences with my neighbours, be it those from the past, the present and the future that awaits me.”
Although he speaks about looking to the future, Maps has already achieved so much in his youth. Outside of the entertainment industry, he has ventured into many other businesses including the food business.

With a heavy heart, Maps had to close one of its outlets in 2022.

In a tweet, the Buns Out Twitter account announced the closure of its Linden outlet. They said their last day of service will be on the 9 of October. "With heavy heart today we announce the closing of our linden store. Our last day will be on the 9th of October and we will be having a huge send off! See you there."

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