Ayanda Thabethe Shows Off Car Collection

It is limited edition only

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Say what you say about Ayanda Thabethe, however, one thing you deny her is her taste.

The former BET presenter made a name for herself as a model before branching out into presenting. In recent months her name has been in the headlines regarding her love life.

However, Thabethe continues to be an inspiration to many. She continues to show that she's very much in charge of her finances and shares tips on how her followers can attain financial freedom.

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From very earlier on Ayanda Thabethe showed that she is financially savvy. A few years ago she revealed that she paid off her home which we can't get over - especially her interior. She also paid off her mom’s car.

Speaking to YouTuber Ayanda Dambuza, Thabethe explained why she keeps her love life away from social media.

“I started to keep what was dear and near to me very close to my heart. If it feels right and I want to share it. It’s just a feeling thing if I want to do it then I do it. But, If I feel like I’m hesitant or I have to think about it then maybe it’s not a good thing to show. 


“I love to share more of myself but I feel like I’m going to get to that when I’m a billionaire or something. When I’m like listen, when I’m like listen – I actually don’t care. Because it’s such a sensitive world that we live in and we can’t express ourselves. I always say in terms of our freedom of speech – is it really free? Especially when you are dependent on brands. You can’t be as free as possible, you have to be socially responsible. You have to consider the greater majority. It’s not all about your perceptions. And that is the trade-off you taken when you become a personality and a brand, unfortunately. But I think if I had all the money in the world, I would let it loose.”

When Thabethe took to Instagram to share how she was celebrating her “brother” Peter Matsimbe’s birthday, a peek at her phone’s screensaver finally confirmed his identity. 
It was then a matter of time that Thabethe faced the wrath of tweeps as she was labeled a homewrecker for allegedly dating a married man. But Thabethe was adamant that she was not dating a married man and that she was out with the “boys.”

However, in a statement that followed where Peter Matsimbe, who is referred to as PM, is confirmed as her partner and not a brother anymore. A matter the statement did not address though is why PM has an affinity for wearing rings only on his wedding finger.

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