DJ Speedsta Denies ALL Accusations

Speedsta wants to put these allegations behind him

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | DJ Speedsta  | Drama

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Club DJ and music personality, DJ Speedsta has finally spoken out against allegations which were made against him on social media last week.

Half of the male entertainment industry has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault that have been made by a large number of women over the past 7 days. Most of these were made on the now infamous anonymous help pages @HelpSurvivers[sic] and @AmINext_SA and a large number of local celebs found themselves on the lengthy threads.

However, in the week since the allegations first surfaced, celebs have begun to hit back and one by one they are each releasing statements distancing themselves from these assault allegations.

The latest to do so is DJ Speedsta, who was appalled to see his name in the list of accused sexual offenders and wasted no time in trying to clear his name in a statement. 

He took to social media to distance himself from the allegations by saying: 

It has come to my attention that certain allegations of sexual misconduct and rape have been made against me on social media, specifically on Twitter in light of the recent and ongoing campaigns against femicide and gender-based violence. 

These allegations were published on a Twitter account based on anonymity and I also do not know the identity of the owner of the account. I vehemently deny any and all allegations contained in the above mentioned Twitter post or at all. 

All my life I have grown up around women that I love and respect and I would never ever even think about inappropriately forcing myself onto another woman. I have female friends that I have known my entire life and who trust me with their lives. 
You can read his full statement below:

DJ Speedsta is not the only man who has worked hard to clear his name since the allegations were first made. DJ Fresh has also taken to the timeline to speak out against insinuations made by his ex-girlfriend, Penny Lebyane:

IN the meantime, the accounts that levelled the accusations including @AmINext_SA have since been deactivated from social media. The questions for the accusers and the accused is: where to from here?

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