Miss SA Lands The Government In Trouble Again?

Her ancestors are working overtime

By  | Dec 02, 2021, 08:25 AM  | Miss SA  | Drama

Image of Lalela Mswane
Lalela Mswane, Miss SA 2021, is finally in Israel ahead of the Miss Universe pageant set to happen in two weeks. But her nightmare on the journey to the pageant is yet to come to an end. 

As City Press reports, the model may have landed the government in trouble with its citizens once again. According to the reports, a non-profit organisation called Citizens for Integrity will be taking up the issue. Through a legal representative, the organisation will be dragging the government to court to challenge its decision to withdraw support for the young beauty queen in her quest. 
Social media users are now enraged all over again at Miss Lalela, even though she has nothing to do with this new development. The general sentiment is that the non-profit organisation has no business meddling in the matter, as the government gets to give or withdraw its support at will, and does not owe them an explanation. 

This comes just days after Lalela finally landed in Israel. Her journey there has been met with more roadblocks than many people have to deal with in a lifetime, but it has not deterred her from pursuing her dream. 
It remains to be seen what will come of the court proceedings brought against the government. As it stands, the beauty queen is representing the country, although many tweeps who were opposed to her going do not agree. According to them, she is competing in the pageant as a private citizen because neither her government nor her fellow citizens support the act. 

But how many of us would say we have kept going amidst so many obstacles? Just a few days back, the whole country doubted whether she would be able to go to Israel after all, since the country banned all travellers from Mzansi, following the discovery of a new Covid-19 variant. In addition, one of Lalela’s fellow contestants was reported to have tested positive for the virus, and it was unclear how everything would proceed.
However, it looks like Lalela’s ancestors are working overtime to get her this win. She has overcome all the obstacles and is walking tall in her ambitions. She has wanted this since she was a little girl, and it would be a shame to watch her get stopped now. 

We wish Lalela all the best on her journey. The fact that so many people are willing to fight for her, including a non-profit with which she has no known connection, speaks to how much she has inspired the country in her strong resolve. For now, we wait to see what the government will have to say. 

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