Speedsta Is Not A Fan Of Cassper's Sneaker

It's not his taste

By  | Jul 09, 2021, 04:56 PM  | DJ Speedsta  | Drama

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The whole nation has been singing Cassper’s praises after he launched his brand new sneaker called Root of Fame in partnership with Drip Footwear besides DJ Speedsta.

The radio presenter took to Twitter to applaud Mufasa for his efforts but added that the shoe is not his taste. Since publishing that tweet, he has received a massive black clash on the web. Some fans even went as far as bringing up his 2020 beef with Nasty C when the rapper said that the latter’s career does not match his name.

However, some social media users did come to his defence and highlighted the fact that he said it is not his personal taste. He didn’t entirely slam the shoe.
In a tweet that seemed to be indirectly aimed at DJ Speedsta, Nyovest said that the truth is in the bank account but he will not go there as many will perceive it as braggadocio. 

“The only way you can reply to someone who isn't doing anything tangible is by talking about how broke they are and how rich you are which makes you look bad to people that actually respect you so don't do it. Just keep stacking your paper. Stay on the grind! Keep working!” He tweeted.
One Twitter user asked him how he deals with so many people hating on him unprovoked. “I just keep stacking my paper. The truth is in the Bank account, my guy. Don't ever let these people convince you that they wouldn't trade their lives for yours. They wish they were in your position and they don't know how to express it so they try get your attention with insults,” responded Cassper.

Announcing his new partnership at a press conference last month, the rapper detailed his new deal with Lekau, founder of Drip Footwear. “I come from an average South African home, and I’ve told my story a lot of times. I don’t normally tell my story but I met Lekau on Twitter. I saw his shoe and then I hit him up and said I liked his shoe. I wanted to buy the shoe and then he came over to the studio. I was still working on my fourth album,” he said.

“And then he came to the studio with a couple of shoes. Immediately being a businessman, I was like man we should make a shoe. That’s how the relationship started. From there we became actual friends and started talking about business in general.”

The two are not only working on shoes but many other ventures. "We are getting into a partnership with a new brand. It’s something separate but it’s under Drip. It involves products, it involves equity, and it involves a lot of things. I’m not buying shares at Drip and he's not buying shares at my company. We are getting into a very fruitful partnership." Explained Cassper in part.
Main Picture Credit: DJ Speedsta Instagram Account
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