SABC Chops Live Amp

The final season premieres today

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The biggest music show on SABC that has been keeping us dancing and grooving every Friday night has been canned by SABC 1.
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Entertainment commentator Kgopolo "Phil" Mphela announced the news that Live Amp was coming to an end after gracing our screens for a decade.

"After a decade on air, SABC1’s primetime music show Live Amp is ending. The new season-themed The Last Dance, is its farewell run. The final season premieres this Friday 9th July 2021 at 19:30."

The show's host Lesego Nkaiseng better known as DJ Speedsta took to Twitter to say that he had no idea that the show he hosts with Lamiez Holworthy was canned.

Speedsta was evidently sad at the news when he took to Twitter to put Phil on blast following the announcement. He said, "Lol. Damn!! You really couldn’t wait for this one hey?! To tell you the truth, I was waiting for a Phil Mphela update about “1’s & 2’s” earlier in the year. Even tweeted you. All good. Yeah we cancelled and outdated G"

A tweep asked Speedsta if this was Live Amp's last season, Speedsta said, "apparently so. Also hearing about it on social media for the first time. Lol. Hai. Ya neh! Bo bra Phil got us on our toes!!! Just want to work master"

Seeing how terrible the news are to the host, Phil apologised and said, "I’m sorry the channel and production company didn’t do you guys the courtesy of informing you before SABC shared the news. When a press statement lands in my inbox from a channel, I gotta run the story."

Live Amp was Lamiez' first major gig. She revealed to True love magazine that she was ready to give up when she got the gig in 2018.

“I was ready to give up just before I got the Live Amp gig last year. I felt like my life was spiralling out of control. I was involved in a car accident while busy with auditions. Then, a few days later, my entire DJ equipment was stolen out of my car. God showed up for me when I got that all-important call” 

Tweeps expressed how they feel about the end of the show:

@RabsMaphai said, "After Shady Lurker and Loot love it was the beginning of the end for this show. It actually lasted longer than expected. And 9pm for an hour was the best timeslot. Pity "
@MulaudziBT, "Even forgot that the show existed, over time it seems the show lost its stronghold and influence. Used to be a pre-party before going out. And it seems the more it changed presenters the more it degenerated. It was once the slot for artists to promote new hits!"
@Bee_Motshabi said, "What an era. You had to be there. Salute to Live Amp. The birth of many greats, and an inspiration + entertaining platform for many"
@KaygeeMadiba said, "The accessibility of Music through digital platforms has made the show useless"

What do you think of the canning of the show? Was it the right move by the SABC?

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