"No Vaccine Card, No Entry"

DJ Tira gets slammed for 'forcing' fans to vaccinate

By  | Jul 28, 2021, 09:37 AM  | DJ Tira  | Drama

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DJ Tira has made it clear that if fans of his successful #FactDurbanRocks do not vaccinate, they will not be allowed entry to the premises. Whether he was pulling his follower's legs or not, he definitely caught some smoke for his statements.

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Yesterday, House DJ and media personality DJ Tira topped the trends list after he promoted the COVID-19 vaccine using his successful Fact Durban Rocks concert.

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Tira got his COVID vaccine and he shared the video of him getting his jab. This was after he got dragged on Twitter. He then later deleted the tweet where he told party goers that if they are not vaccinated by December, they will not be allowed entry.

โ€œFact Durban Rocks December 2021. No vaccine card. No Entry.โ€ he wrote. After receiving backlash, he then asked why are people scared of injections, "Why you so scared of umjovo."
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Twitter did not take this lying down and even asked the DJ why was he silent during the unrest which saw malls and shops getting looted. The most devastating of them all, the Phoenix massacre.

"When government or the ANC pays you to be an influencer of ama***a. Money is God. F*ck all else. Ayikho lento ya DJ Tira. Be careful of black celebrities. They only care about money, fame, befriending politicians, tenders & being relevant."

"DJ Tira kept quiet about the KZN unrest 2 weeks ago but today here he is making it come across like he is very concerned about the publics well-being and urging them to be vaccinated. Where was the same energy when people were being killed in Phoenix?"
In other news, Dr Musa Mthombeni had tested positive for COVID-19 again after getting the vaccine. "Your boy isnโ€™t feeling great. backache," he said. 
He then added, "Aaaah. Itโ€™s Covid. I knew something wasnโ€™t right. My symptoms were a headache and back pain. Tingle in my throat was non specific because of the change in Weather. I got my vaccine months back and so far all my symptoms very mild. A little headache here abs there. Sore throat and thatโ€™s it really!"

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Musician L'vovo lost his mother shortly after getting the COVID-19 jab. "U were always there for me giving me support in whatever I was doing never judged me...I  will choose u over then over again kubuhlungu, but ngiyazi u watching over me everyday I can rite whole book about u but let me stop here โ€ฆI love u.." he wrote.

L'vovo also spoke to DailySun, revealing that his mother became very sick after getting her second COVID-19 vaccination

"She went for the first jab, and she was okay. But problems started after she went for her second dose. She started feeling sick and it continued up until the day she died. She was never someone who got sick very often but all we can do now is accept and let our hearts heal," he explained.

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