Liesl's Husband Musa Mthombeni Is Battling Covid-19

These were his symptoms

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Yesterday, the former Miss SA's husband Musa Mthombeni is currently battling Covid-19 and the good doctor is in good spirits.

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Musa took to Twitter to announce that he was not feeling well. He said, "Your boy isn’t feeling great. 🙃 backache" and then in a surprising turn of events he announced that his backpain was a covid-19 symptom.

He said, "Aaaah. It’s Covid. I knew something wasn’t right. My symptoms were a headache and back pain. Tingle in my throat was non specific because of the change in Weather. I got my vaccine months back and so far all my symptoms very mild. A little headache here abs there.  Sore throat and that’s it really!"

Musa said he will keep everyone updated on his journey.

These were people's reactions on the Doctors diagnosis:

"Askies, I had the same symptoms two weeks ago. Try and do cupping (you can buy the equipment via take a lot) see your GP, steam and drink water + lemon + ginger + garlic. I'm 100% now"

"Eish now um scared I have back pain, couldn’t sleep last night coz the air was super dry and I was running shot of breath even had diarrhea"

"Same exact symptoms plus a few episodes of chest pain. Got vaccinated in February. I’m so grateful for the vaccine coz I think my symptoms would have been far worse"

"Get well soon. My 70 year old mom had similar symptoms when she had it. Now she is fine. You will surely be fine"

"Please take good care of yourself doc. Strength and health to you mntase. Get well soon. Sisakudinga bo"

"That backache bangs weird - that's what had me sit up and take note (that coupled with joint and muscular pain)"

"For me it started with the tingle in my throat,  then all the other stuff followed. 9 days later, I was fine. You will be fine"

"I'm now scared. I've been experiencing backache. Today I had a sharp pain in my chest, I couldn't breathe"

"Had similar symptoms had vaccine in May. I recovered after 4 days. Just had fever. By the grace of God I'm fine.  Speedy recovery Dr."

"Start steaming. We shall pray for you"

"You will pull through, you are strong, don't panic, you are in our prayers, no weapon formed against you shall prosper, you are more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens you."

Musa has been in good spirits and it seems he is quarantining with his wife Liesl Laurie. Liesl confirmed on her Instagram stories that they are indeed quarantining for the next 14 days. She said, "The Mthombeni household will be home for the next 14 days"

Ever since the couple blew our socks off with their engagement and Lobola, they have been appreciating and showing each other love and we are here for it.
Just this morning, Musa shared a picture on Instagram and said, "My little farmer 🖤 she’s scared of cows and dirt and flies and insects and basically everything else you find on a farm, but she’s still my little farmer"

Liesl wasted no time and threatened to take his phone away. She said, "This caption!!! ☠️😂I’m taking your phone now Musa!!!"

We wish the Mthombenis a speedy recovery.

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