DJ Zinhle Treats Her Durban Fans

She has a huge surprise planned for y'all

By  | Nov 17, 2021, 08:32 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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Two months back, DJ Zinhle managed to open her very own Era By DJ Zinhle store at the Mall Of Africa. The jewellery and accessories store, will be having a new home and her Durban fans are super ecstatic.

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She launched her very first physical store whilst heavily pregnant with baby Asante so she could not even attend, so we are sure she will make time to attend this one.

Taking to her social media to announce the wonderful news, DJ Zinhle told her Durban fans that they can save up on their delivery fees because they can purchase their accessories much closer. December 1 is the date to look forward to as she will be launching at the Pavillion Mall.

"Durban, I hope you’re ready for the @erabydjzinhle store… Please save the date, we launch at Pavillion Mall on the 1st of December."

When she launched her first store at Mall Of Africa, she spoke so proudly of this achievement and how far they have come. "I am super excited about our new flagship store at The Mall Of Africa. This is a very big deal for my team and I. In a time where there has been so much loss, so many setbacks and hardships, I realised that it is important to take time and celebrate every victory along the way."

"It may sound crazy but 8 years ago, no one wanted to work with an ambitious DJ from Dannhauser. Even a weekly appearance on national TV didn't convince them that my brand and I were quiet worth the risk. They judged who I was at the time and couldn't see who I could become at the time," she continues.

"I had to shift my focus, I stopped looking for partnership instead I went out and looked for ownership. It wasn't as easy and powerful as I make it sound in fact I had to work harder than I ever had. There was blood sweat tears and a lot of life lessons in between," explained Zinhle.

Zinhle explained that the purpose of Era By DJ Zinhle, was to empower women, but to achieve that, they too needed to be left inspired. "The biggest investments was in ourselves," she pointed out.

She then advised people who wish to become a business mogul like her, "Start where you are, start with you. Play the cards you are dealt and bet on yourself. Don't wait for someone else to make it easy for you, throw yourself in every aspect of your business. Don't just think about it be about it. Don't focus on being unsure, use your energy to make it happen make that move and don't be afraid to go the long way," advised Zinhle.

Attending the launch were her best friends Pearl Thusi and Moozlie. On her reality show, she spoke about the concerns she has with Era and that it was not doing as well as she would have hoped.

“Boulevard is doing well, distribution is our biggest thing right now. Era is a bit of a concern for me right now. I feel like I’ve been babysitting Era for too long,” said Zinhle. Then an employee from Era chooses to resign from the company as she faces major challenges. This leaves Zinhle heavy with emotions as she was pregnant.

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