MacG Recounts An Argument He Witnessed Between AKA And Zinhle

The podcaster said the fight was intense

By  | Jan 26, 2022, 08:57 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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Despite the backlash he receives weekly, MacG still knows how to stir up a conversation and spill some tea on our favourite ZAlebs. On this week's episode of Podcast And Chill, MacG spoke about a range of topics including his "feud" with American songstress Ari Lennox, Patrick Shai's passing, Dineo Ranaka's suspension from metro FM, radio gatekeepers and also DJ Zinhle and AKA.

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MacG has said it before that he is not a celebrity kiss-a** because he made it without the endorsement from celebs. That's not to say he does not get a long with anybody because there are a few that he admires, like DJ Zinhle.

The podcaster sat down with DJ Zinhle for an interview, a few years ago at her home in Fourways and spoke positive things about her, including how she supported them when they were still starting out.

Their interview was so good, he wants her to return back and have another one and this time there would be more they speak about because Zinhle is taking over the entrepreneur space.

But during his interview with her in 2018, drama allegedly ensued between her and AKA. MacG said while the cameras were still rolling, Zinhle received a call from AKA to speak with her at the gate. Apparently a huge argument erupted between the two and it was all caught on tape.

Out of respect, MacG said he and the team deleted the footage because it seemed as though their fight was a bit intense.

Now you might be thinking why would he commend Zinhle first before dishing this hot tea? Well he did it to prove that he has nothing but respect for people's privacy, regardless of what people make of the Ari Lennox situation. MacG also made it clear that he likes to ask about people's sex life and those who are comfortable with sharing do, and those who aren't, don't.

“People don’t know what happened at that interview, while we were recording, AKA called her and he was at the gate. Yho! Bro this guy was going on, he was like sh***ing on her, and it was in the episode nd it was in the episode…So I took that part out, out of respect,“ explained MacG.

Watch his podcast here.

Speaking on how they met, both Zinhle and AKA revealed she was actually the one who slid in her DMs.

Speaking to Zinhle's mentor and friend Oskido, MacG reflected on Zinhle's past of being a tomboy.

While he was still in radio at YFM, MacG said Oskido used to bring DJ Zinhle to studio and said Zinhle was more of a tomboy and never wore make up. According to Oskido, when Zinhle met AKA, that is when she started to wear make up and look more of a girly girl.

"She was a tomboy that one. Zinhle only started putting makeup now. I think AKA is the one...I blame AKA, Zinhle did not used to like make-up. When she was dating AKA, suddenly she had a make up artist, how come," joked Oskido.

Zinhle and AKA have a baby together and Zinhle has another one with Bongani Mohosana. This saw her getting dragged by people saying se is not a good role model.

"These celebs have more than one child from different fathers out of wedlock.  As influencers and role models to young woman they are setting a bad example," the tweet read.

Zinhle then had no choice but to respond but grappled to find the right words.

She exclaimed, "bathong bizo" which means "wow, woman who shares my name." Then Zinhle added a GIF by American president Joe Biden where he says, “It's hard to respond to something so idiotic.”

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