A Fan steals DJ Zinhle's phone right in front her eyes

Shame, Zinhle thought it was a fan but it was really an imposter.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

Dj zinhle

There's nothing as annoying as getting your phone stolen. The admin of getting a new phone, sim swapping and just hoping people don't share all your nudes for the world to see is enough to give you high-blood pressure.

And not even our favourite celebs are immune to the crime that affects us on a daily basis.

DJ Zinhle is probably not in the best mood right now, after being robbed by a "fan". 

The busy DJ and mother of one has taken to Twitter to reveal that her phone was stolen on Sunday evening. And get this, it was all done by someone pretending to be an admirer. 

She wrote: "So last night a fan asks me for a picture, there I am nami giving it my best smile kanti the rubbish is pickpocketing me... phone gone!" 

Zinhle was nice enough to even offer the charger to the so-called fan. 

She even threw in a joke because, you know, she has a sense of humour even in the worst situations.

We know that the DJ will be okay, though, and she probably has a new phone already! Remember when she revealed on Gareth Cliff's  show that she's earned around R70 000 a show? 

So we're pretty sure she can afford a cellphone or two.

DJ Zinhle is probably on some 'Catch me with a new iPhone 7 outside, how about that?'


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DJZinhle

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