Fans Call DJ Zinhle Out On Her "Main Character Syndrome" — Awkward

"All I know is that DJ Zinhle is lowkey toxic and controlling..."

By  | May 10, 2022, 03:08 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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Rumours of DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi's friendship being over surfaced a couple of weeks ago on social media, and followers speculate that their friendship was shattered because Pearl befriended Zinhle's enemies, while others believe that their friendship was forged out of mutual dislike for Bonang. DJ Zinhle is being called out on Twitter streets today for wanting to be the leading light in her celebrity friendship circles.

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DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi who were once inseparable, shared a lot about each other and celebrated each other's accomplishments on Social Media tarted spending time apart in March and engaged even lesser online although they remain on each other’s “following” list. Actress and TV presenter Pearl Thusi started hanging out with many of her other celebrity friends from Swanky and Zari down to Nadia Nakai who is currently dating DJ Zinhle’s baby daddy AKA. The continent’s number one female DJ has also been spending more time with her bae Morda and her other besties Thabsie and Moozlie but fans are still curious as to what happened between her and Pearl Thusi.

Yesterday, a Twitter user by the name of Zethu sparked a big rumour simply by asking, “What happened between Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle mara? I mean they are not that close anymore,” and many other users had a jol sharing their opinions and speculations about the situation between the two celebrities.
A few tweets that gained a lot of interaction claimed that the friendship didn’t work because of DJ Zinhle’s protagonist behaviour. Fans feel that the Umlilo hitmaker and businesswoman enjoys being the main character amongst her friends and has a hidden controlling personality. Nomusa took to Twitter and wrote, “Also, I think DJ Zinhle wants to be the main character in the friendship hence she’s now closer to Nomuzi who doesn’t seem to have so much going for herself. I’m invested in the gossip.”

More Tweeps agreed with the user with similar opinions continuing to circulate the timeline since last night. Another user by the name of Leo Queen wrote, “I love DJ Zinhle so much. I can’t help but notice all her friends are busy with her ERA brand, promoting it on their Instagram stories…” the user mentioned the likes of Thabsie, Moozlie, Kwesta's wife Yolanda and Pearl Thusi and concluded that DJ Zinhle, contrarily, does not do the same for them and their businesses or career ventures. “It’s always about her,” the user exclaimed.

Other Tweeps mentioned that a close friendship is likely to take a backseat when one of the friends starts falling in love or entering a committed relationship. They referenced DJ Zinhle’s baby daddy and boyfriend Morda, saying that he may be the reason the two are no longer friends. Another user shared a picture of Zinhle and Morda claiming that she does not have time for friendships now but for her man.
“All I know is that DJ Zinhle is lowkey toxic and controlling but y’all aren’t ready for this conversation since she’s y’alls sweetheart,” wrote Trinity, a Twitter user that is seemingly a big fan of Pearl Thusi.

Both Pearl and Zinhle have not hinted nor spoken out about or against the rumours of the split of their friendship but continue to thrive individually in their respective rights. Pearl Thusi is often in and out of the country on gigs, hanging out with superstars such as her Quantico co-star Priyanka Chopra while Zinhle continues to gig throughout the country and promote her successful accessories brand Era by DJ Zinhle.

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