More Proof Pearl And Zinhle Are No Longer Besties?

Pearl is now friends with Nadia Nakai?

By  | Apr 01, 2022, 02:09 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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Pearl Thusi's latest stunt has people convinced that she moves different and has weird vibes. Mama Panther as she calls herself, was seen partying with Nadia Nakai, who is her "best friend's" baby daddy's current girlfriend.

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The two women were out in Cape Town, at a Night Club called The One. I could be that they bumped into each other and decided to document the whole meet up. Nadia Nakai took to her Instagram stories and posted a video of her and Pearl partying and it seems as though they were together having a good time.

In the clip, they were talking about how the filter used by Nadia Nakai is nice and Nadia paid Pearl a compliment and said she looks gorgeous.

Now, it does look like innocent fun between two gorgeous female personalities but fans are getting weird and negative vibes from this.

Firstly if you may recall a few days back we speculated that there might be bad blood between DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi. The two were inseparable and were all over each other's social media accounts celebrating each other's wins.

But of late it has been silent with the other minding their own business and partying with Zari The Boss Lady and Swanky, and the other only posting her other two friends, Moozlie and Thabsie.

So, are they still friends but work is keeping them away from each other or is the trouble brewing? One thing is for sure they do make time for other people, but not for each other which is worrisome. 

If Pearl can party with Nadia, surely she can squeeze in the mother of two? 

Their friendship was so tight to the point where people thought they were more than just friends. Addressing this on Dinner At Somizi's, Zinhle said what does it matter?

“This is the thing for me and Pearl. We not even trying to entertain it because even if we were, so what? But we spoke about this, that Pearl and I are in an industry where friendships are a blur.”

“We are in an industry where we have not experienced a sisterhood, so when we found each other — or when she found me — we just couldn't believe what we have, a friendship that is actually real,” said Zinhle.

Pearl's actions have been very questionable as she also partied with Bonang's best friend Babalwa Mneno. Now, it's not to say Bonang and Pearl are beefing but naturally if you are friends with someone who does not get a long with your bestie, it does not make sense. But what does it mean if you are friends with someone who is friends with your besties enemy?

Its a lot of digest right? But there is bad blood between Pearl and B because of the whole making fun of her abuse story.

Now, you are partying with someone who is dating your bestie's ex and baby daddy? Pearl needs to give tweeps some answers because they are dragging her.

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