Hulisani Says Hands Off DJ Zinhle!

Zinhle has been the talk of the town

By  | Feb 22, 2023, 02:48 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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Hulisani Ravele has called out all the people speaking negatively about DJ Zinhle ever since the death of her baby daddy, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. The negative talks did not begin there. In fact, people have always had a problem with DJ Zinhle's co-parenting style with AKA, saying Murdah Bongz, her husband, is being treated unfairly.

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Responding to Lerato Mannya's tweet about people speaking negatively about DJ Zinhle, Hulisani said people have made toxic environments their hallmark so when something healthy is slapped across their faces, they see it as toxic instead.

@LeratoMannya tweeted, “I really don’t understand why DJ Zinhle has been getting the amount of flack she has been getting for just… being there to support her child through the loss of her father.“Why do you guys use cultural practices to be such POS? Why are your egos so fragile?”

Responding to Lerato, Hulisani said, “They grew up in environments with constant fighting & dysfunction which became their norm, their benchmark. Anything that strays from that is wrong & beyond reach as it invalidates them and challenges the notion that things could be different if they were willing to heal & learn.”

“And I say this as a person who grew up in such an environment but chose different and continues to choose different every day with every encounter. It’s too easy to blame the past than to name the pain, do the work and heal,” added Hulisani.

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Social media is known for housing hypocrites. Had Zinhle remained silent like AKA's ex Bonang Matheba, she would have gotten dragged. However, she openly grieved like the rest of the Megacy and wrote a lengthy letter but she got attacked for it with people saying it is unnecessary. 

In the letter, Zinhle promised AKA that she and her husband Murdah are going to raise Kairo and give her the love he gave her when he was still alive. 

"Kiernan, I am so sorry that you have been robbed of your time with your daughter, with @nadianakai, Steffan, your mom @lynnforbesza , dad, and all of us. I would give anything for Kairo to have more time with you Kiernan. The thought of her asking questions breaks me. What do I do when she misses and needs you," she wrote. "Please watch over her and plead with The Almighty to guide Bongani @murdahbongz and me as we raise our daughter."

"The last time I saw you, you told me how proud you are of us and how well we were co-parenting, we had come a long way, and even though it challenged a lot of people in how well we co-parented. It was never about society or us, it was always about our daughter and what was best for her.

"We quickly learnt that our differences would not be a burden for our daughter, our past mistakes could not deprive our daughter of a happy childhood with love from both mom and dad. I am so glad we figured it out, it’s as if we knew you would not be around long enough. Thank you for loving her the way you did."

"We will continue to do what’s best for her, we will raise her in a loving environment that encourages forgiveness, one that is deeply rooted in the great spirit of being a family…over everything else. We are all responsible for her happiness now, my family and yours will pull together to make sure she is the happiest girl in the world...exactly how you always made her feel.

Good night Kiernan. You told me God is in control, I will hold on to these words as we piece together the pieces of our shattered hearts. We will comfort and love Nadia, she is family now. God bless you," wrote DJ Zinhle.

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