Trolls Force Zinhle To Take Therapy Sessions

Zinhle had to undergo therapy to help cope with the Twitter trolls

By  | Sep 14, 2022, 11:23 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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DJ Zinhle has spoken about the constant bullying she is subjected to because of her having two baby daddies. On the latest episode of The Unexpected, the mother of two opened up about Twitter trolls and how she had to distance herself from the bird app because of them. 
Speaking to her sister Gugu, the Siyabonga hitmaker even said she had to undergo therapy to help cope with the Twitter trolls. 
“I need a session with a therapist. To just sit down and talk about what’s happening,” said Zinhle to her sister. “I have definitely done therapy before many times. It scares me, I don’t like it. I don’t like to do it but I understand the value of doing it,” she added.
Zinhle then said she was forced to delete Twitter, “I had to delete it [Twitter],” she said.
Her sister Gugu then said she was glad Zinhle took the decision to delete the app. 
“I’m so happy that she’s deleted Twitter. It’s really not good for her and I think that she has a lot more things to focus on and we can honestly leave Twitter for now. ” 
A YouTuber once trolled Zinhle after revealing her pregnancy for the second time. The man with the channel Solomons Temple, criticised Zinhle for setting a bad example to other young girls. He said she is making the situation worse, referencing the rise in teen and preteen pregnancies in the country. 
"Artists use some part of their lives to promote things, you know a lot of people were congratulating her, and were celebrating her, but I took a step back and I told myself nah I'm not gonna congratulate her, but I will celebrate the baby when it comes," he said.
"First baby with AKA unmarried, second baby (unmarried)," he said. "Why have a baby when you are not ready to get married, get married before you have a baby," he said.
Twitter trolls also put Zinhle on blast for posting her two baby daddies and for being proud of that. 
Zinhle went on a Twitter rant when trolls continuously made her trend for her baby daddies. 
"3 days of y’all discussing my life. Ay ni-dedicated! Add dedication to your CV. To those who are defending me, please REST now!!! It’s really okay… Whatever happens I’ll still have two baby daddies, so basically there’s no point!"
Zinhle then went on to say she too would talk about someone all the time if they get more impressions from discussing that person. Basically her message is that she at the end of the day , she will still have two baby daddies and that's not going to change. 
“No actually I’ll do whatever I like.It’s your choice to talk about me boo. I actually don’t care. Do you! Talk about me for another week. The question is, who’s talking about you? Also save some points for next year when I post them again, " she concluded. 
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