“It's Hard To Respond To Something So Idiotic”

DJ Zinhle trolled for having two kids, different dads and unmarried

By  | Jan 13, 2022, 03:43 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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DJ Zinhle is a proud mother of two beautiful girls who belong to two different fathers. She is happy and lives her life with her blended family and has no problem with that. However, it's the people who have nothing to do with her family who continuously judge her for this.

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Responding to a tweep who said the Siyabonga hitmaker is not a role model, she was left speechless and tried to come up with the right words but failed. The woman who shares the same name as Zinhle, accused her and Kelly Khumalo as well as Dineo Ranaka for not being good role models to other women.

"These celebs have more than one child from different fathers out of wedlock.  As influencers and role models to young woman they are setting a bad example," the tweet read.

Zinhle then had no choice but to respond but grappled to find the right words.

She exclaimed, "bathong bizo" which means "wow, woman who shares my name." Then Zinhle added a GIF by American president Joe Biden where he says, “It's hard to respond to something so idiotic.”

This is not the first time Zinhle had been attacked by people for her choice of having two different men as her baby daddies. When news broke about her pregnancy, a YouTuber with the channel Solomons Temple, criticised Zinhle for setting a bad example to other young girls. He related this to the concerning surge of teenage pregnancies in the country.

"Artists use some part of their lives to promote things, you know a lot of people were congratulating her, and were celebrating her, but I took a step back and I told myself nah I'm not gonna congratulate her, but I will celebrate the baby when it comes," he said.

"First baby with AKA unmarried, second baby (unmarried)," he said and then added that he is not imposing his beliefs and values onto her as she can do whatever she wants but maintains that he has the right to speak about such things. He then went on to mention the "crisis" the country is faced with where teenagers are getting pregnant, some reportedly as young as 10.

"Why have a baby when you are not ready to get married, get married before you have a baby," he said.

Zinhle clapped back and said she will not engage in an argument with a fool.

DJ Zinhle's two children are from fathers AKA and Murdah Bongz. Kairo Forbes and Asante's parents all need to get along for the sake of the children. In her reality show The Unexpected, Zinhle revealed her plans of having a blended family and making it work for everyone. 

“I spoke to Kiernan about the baby. He said I’m quite a rebel. ‘You have another kid, with another man’. He said your family must think you are such a problem,” she said. AKA said he feels because he has a child with Zinhle, Asante is also his child. “He said I need to know the details, so I said okay it is a girl. He said I was hoping for a boy, sit. My brother said it is not your baby and he said it kind of feels like it is my baby, I said wow, that is crazy,” she continued.

“He said well obviously Bongani has a relationship with Kairo. So you guys can’t ask me not to have a relationship with this one. Bongani is baby steps because I won’t lie… I thought Bongani is going to be the easy one about this whole thing and I thought Kiernan would be difficult but actually it is the other way around,” said DJ Zinhle.

“Kiernan is more open to the idea of having this family but Bongani is just taking his time. He is not in a rush and I also need to respect Bongani’s wishes and how he wants to roll this whole thing out,” she said. Now, fans think Zinhle should stop forcing them together.

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