Why DJ Zinhle Declined Lasizwe's Invite To His Show

Zinhle will not be on Drink Or Tell The Truth

By  | Oct 25, 2021, 08:15 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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Lasizwe Dambuza's YouTube show Drink Or Tell The Truth became an instant hit when it first premiered. The YouTuber was right within his bag when he launched the show, with thousands of his fans watching.

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On the show, Lasizwe asks the spiciest questions and either gets the most heated responses or his guests opt to drink the gut wrenching concoction when they do not want to answer his questions.

DJ Zinhle is not trying to roll like that as she declined Lasizwe's offer to be on his show. The DJ gracefully told the comedian that she does not want to be part of his show because he is going to ask her "sh*t questions."

Zinhle boldly told a shook Lasizwe that the reason she does not want to part of Drink Or Tell The Truth is because Lasizwe asks the most controversial questions and pushes his guests into a corner.

As a mother of two, she is not trying to roll like that, and Lasizwe was left disappointed.

"In front of 6 000 people I will not come to that show, you will ask me bulls***t questions. What are you going to ask me?" asked Zinhle. Lasizwe laughed and said he would not ask her questions that would make her uncomfortable. But Zinhle did not budge and she said, "you definitely would."

When Lasizwe said she has a choice to not answer some questions, but Zinhle held to her guns and said she is a respected mother of two children. Lasizwe tried his luck one more time but Zinhle told him where to get off...jokingly.

Lasizwe said as celebrities they should have each other's backs but Zinhle said he should ask Nota instead.

Zinhle was telling the truth because on the show, there have been numerous revelations made by ALL his guests which made our jaws drop. His very first guest was Ntando Duma who spoke about her worst on screen kiss. “My worst scene will always be kissing a man on the show. It’s very uncomfortable kissing someone that you don’t know on the show that you don’t have an actual relationship with. So all the scenes I have done with Schumacher were very uncomfortable. But he is such a nice guy. He is such a great actor. He made it very easy for me. Genuinely I hate those scenes.”

“To kiss someone, you don’t know for the first time, you don’t know where they come from. For what? It was the worst.”

The most memorable guest on his show though has to be Zodwa Wabantu who by the way has the most number of views. She got the show it's first million views and that is because of her no nonsense, no holds barred  approach and might we add, she did not touch her drink - not even once.

On the show she revealed that she has a new Ben 10 and is aware that he has  girlfriend. She also put her former s*x partner Black Motion's Thabo Smols on the spotlight, saying they had a sexual relationship. This was not the first time she revealed this as she once did on Mac G's Podcast And Chill series.

Lasizwe revealed that his most boring guest was his friend Mihlali Ndamase who did not give him anything spicy to work with.

On the show he too made some eye popping revelations including his famous exes and why his relationship with Natasha Thahane ended. Apparently Natasha would continuously say she is coming to his show but would drop him at the last minute.

DJ Zinhle does not want to be put in the spotlight like that but her last interview was with DStv's Oh Snack  where she spoke about motherhood. Hosted by Robyn Rene Morema and Taki Muthige, she told the presenters that Kairo does seem a bit neglected but Zinhle tries her utmost best to make her feel less neglected.

"I think it's an adjustment for all of us, yesterday we literally had to have a mommy and me spa day without the baby, because she is feeling a bit neglected. I have to think of everything now, if I am buying this for Asante I have to think of Kairo. And naturally I am geared to take care of Asante because she is so small. But I had to really say I have two kids, you have to attend to both and I have help luckily.

"She's doing very well she loves her sister, she just thinks the baby is boring which is true, but she loves her," Zinhle laughed.

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