Emtee gets professional help

Emtee gets clean

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Emtee got tweeps wagging their tongues after a video that captured him falling on stage during a performance in Limpopo went viral last month, with the video having caused concerns amongst his fans and friends, Emtee has sought professional help.

The rapper who announced recently that he had decided to stay sober and start making more sober music, revealed during a recent interview on Metro FM that although he was still adamant that he has no problem, however, he had been seeing a counsellor.

“I don’t really have a problem, I was just unlucky on the night Johanne is one of the people that have helped me through my detoxing, it was someone that I spoke to about my feelings, about my onions at a moment where nobody wanted to believe what I had to say..he’s a professional counsellor,"


The father of two and award-winning rapper went on to explain the reason behind the fall seen in the video, justifying the incident with exhaustion and still denying that he had been intoxicated throughout the performance.

“I was overwhelmed, there was just a lot of love in the place, a lot of people were pulling me, from backstage...and for me, it was a little bit confusing because I had just woken up from a long drive from Johannesburg to Limpopo. I think I was just overwhelmed and tired and immediately I’m jumping on stage and a lot of things are confusing me…"

Emtee expressed that he felt that with all the hard work he had been putting in, spending sleepless nights in the studio, such an incident was bound to happen at some point in his career and he had been expecting it.

“It was my mistake for being too open about certain things that I do...I actually was anticipating something like that to happen somewhere in my career because I’m busy. That moment right there showed that I'm actually busy...I was a bit ignorant to exhaustion...there were times where I wouldn't sleep at all and I’d go two nights in the studio," he said.

The incident might have caused an uproar amongst his fans and on social media, but Emtee says he is not embarrassed and is grateful that it brought his family together: ”This situation or whatever is happening has brought us closer, “I hang out more with my kids, more with my girlfriend more with family...we just chill...I find it normal now to be bored and just be sitting at home….”

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