Emtee Stands To Have His Assets Repossessed

The rapper owes a hefty amount

By  | Jun 21, 2021, 09:45 AM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Ever since leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment, Emtee has had a rather rough time in the industry, as scandals have been following him almost everywhere he goes.

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Although the rapper left the record label because he wanted to spread his wings by growing his own record label called Emtee Records, and for reasons he claimed were loyalty based, he has previously alluded to claims that his former employers are out to get him.

Could this recent scandal also be a similar case? The Roll Up hitmaker seems to believe so - although he did not mention any names.

It has emerged that the rapper is currently battling FFS Finance SA after it was revealed in court documents that he owes a hefty amount of money for his car. City Press reports that the Manando hitmaker bought his double-cab Ford Ranger in February 2018 for R476 590. However, in just 3 months he had already defaulted on one payment.

Court papers filed in the Johannesburg High Court reveal that the agreement was for him to pay R9 417, 81 for 72 months, but he has missed close to 20 installments since buying the car. As a result, the rapper now owes his creditors R194 378 in arrears.

“The cash price for the goods and other charges for which the defendant would be liable to the plaintiff [the principal debt] amount to R476 590. The defendant did not comply with its obligations in terms of the agreement, more specifically in that the defendant failed to effect payment to the plaintiff in monthly instalments due in terms of the agreement as and when the same became payable, or at all,"
the document reads; showing his signature on the contract for the car on February 19 2018.

City Press also reports that Emtee was sent a letter of demand, dated December 10 2020: "The notice was sent by the plaintiff to legal dispatch to be delivered at the address of the defendant."

In addition, the financial services company he made the agreement with is looking to cancel the contract and have the car repossessed: "To the best of the plaintiff’s knowledge, there are no pending processes before the National Consumer Tribunal, nor has the defendant referred the credit agreement to a debt counsellor, alternative dispute resolution agent, consumer court or ombud with jurisdiction with the intent to resolve anddispute under the agreements.”

When the publication contacted the ATM rapper for a comment, he outright rubbished the court case claims, or that he was about to lose his car. If anything, the rapper believes that someone is out to get him once again. He told the publication that he is sick of all of these scandals because they are tarnishing his name. The rapper said that all he is focused on doing is making music and providing for his family.

“Who sent you? I just want to know the person who told you all of this,” the rapper was quoted as saying.

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