''Call Me Captain Enhle"

The actress is pursuing being a pilot.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Drama

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How many of us are actually living out our childhood dreams? Imagine being successful in one industry but still excel in another, especially if it happens to be something one wanted to do when younger.

One such individual is South African actress and philanthropist, Enhle Mbali Maphumulo. It was all systems go when the actress started her flying lessons yesterday.

The Maphumulos (Enhle and Black Coffee) are known to be quite globetrotters of note, therefore Enhle's stint in becoming a pilot will surely come in handy. 
Enhle took to social media and posted the following:

"My first day in the air. Call me Captain Enhle. To dreams. To everything you wanted to be as a kid and making it real. "
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The second quarter of the year 2018  saw Enhle truly diving in the pool of all things philanthropy. The mother of two created a project called, Enhle Cares. Two strong initiatives have since been birthed, including the slumber party for girls between the ages of sixteen and twenty, and the Forever Young Ball which was held at the late Nelson Mandela's home in Houghton, Johannesburg.

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Enhle is mastering this diversifying of talents thing, as she can be found dipping her fingers into the world of fashion designing with her sizzling clothing label.

Congratulations on your latest adventure Enhle. You continue to inspire across all across borders.

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