Beef With Boity Overshadows Bobby's Accident

Sending our thoughts and prayers to him

By  | Dec 09, 2021, 01:47 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Drama

Boity and Bobby Blanco
Bobby Blanco recently had a grisly accident in which two ladies unfortunately died, and he and another man are reportedly in hospital fighting for their lives. He was Boity Thulo’s assistant, although they haven’t worked together recently. And as the country holds its breath for his quick recovery, many are noticing the loud silence of the rapper under the circumstances. 
The two worked together on Boity’s reality TV show, Boity: Own Your Throne. During his stint on the show, he angered a lot of viewers who felt that he deserved to be canned. He was habitually late and performed his duties poorly if at all. 

Fans also felt that Bobby was only using Boity and her show as a stepping stone to success, and that he would try too hard to overshadow her. They felt like they would sign onto the show to watch Boity as it was her show, but would end up seeing more of Bobby than her, and they did not appreciate it. 
Social media users poured online to wish the TV host a speedy recovery. But they are also noticing that Boity has been silent to the public. 
Since the accident happened on 7th December, the rapper has yet to say anything in public about him. Her social media posts are business and fun as usual, and she has not mentioned him or any knowledge of his situation, and fans are wondering whether their alleged beef has coloured their interactions to this point. 

Of course it’s possible that she has responded in private. They have a personal relationship, so we can understand it if she has chosen to deal with the ordeal privately. It is also a lot to deal with, especially since his condition is probably still quite fragile as he tries to recover. 

Frankly, it’s probably the latter. There has been no indication that the two had any beef since the show ended. She recently even had a sweet message for him on his birthday, which goes to show that the antics on the show were probably just part of show business, even though it resulted in her firing him when he wouldn’t deliver at work. 
Further details on the accident are yet to emerge, but we wish the star a speedy recovery. We also send our thoughts and well wishes to the other victim in the accident, and to the family and friends of those whose lives were lost in the tragedy. Such a heartbreaking scene. 

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