"I Was Mourning A Death" Enhle On Being Admitted Into A Mental Institution

The actress opens up about her mental issues

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Former Isibaya actress Mbali ''Enhle"' Mlotshwa has opened up about her mental issues and her failed marriage to multi-award winning DJ Black Coffee.

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Enhle poured her heart out to Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka on the Kaya 959 Breakfast show on Thursday 18 August. The actress revealed that she checked herself into a mental institution a couple of years ago, because she had become numb. “I remember finding myself having to go to a mental institution”, adds Enhle.

Enhle says she is in a good place right now. “At this point, I’m not remembering anything. I’m constantly numb, I don’t know how I feel, I don’t have an opinion. And that to me said something was wrong. I was mourning a death and the death happened a long time ago.”

According to Enhle, she mourned the "death of love." “I was mourning all the work and the fight I had put in to make something work.

“I walked myself into a mental institution and I remember my psychologist saying – you are seven years late but you made it," she continued.

“From that day healing began and by the time I did sincerely yours I was completely comfortable with where I was and comfortable with moving forward," she added.

According to her, she has learned how to deal with triggers and is now feeling better. “It’s a conscious decision I made and here I am today feeling beautiful from the inside out. I look at the mirror and I see it.

“That allows my spiritual journey to continue because I had left it vacant and uncared for.”

Enhle and Black Coffee were once one of Mzansi's favorite power couple in
ZAlebville, but they left their legion of fans heartbroken after announcing their

Their eight-year marriage ended in 2019 with Enhle citing infidelity on Black Coffee’s end. The stunner also claimed that he physically assaulted her. Daily Sun reported that Enhle wanted Black Coffee to pay her legal fees in their divorce settlement, and she wanted R4 million. Enhle also reportedly requested over R100,000 in both spousal and child support in addition to the legal fees.

According to reports, Enhle went bankrupt and she couldn’t pay her electricity bills.In  February she opened up about healing from the traumatic marriage. Despite being healed, she said she remains dismayed that the justice system failed her. It was last year that she sought a protection order against Black Coffee, but the courts denied the request.
She threatened to spill the beans in a press conference, “I’m going to tell you guys everything. I have been protecting this man for far too long. And all the other women that have come to me for assistance, I will also come at them.”

“This man lied in the court of law. Saying he went under my arm, as tall as he is when he knows very well that he hit me. He struck my hand twice and pushed me into our marital property. I don’t feel safe as he is also psychologically messing with my children. Which is why I had to stand up and fight for myself. He called my children, telling them to stop this whole case. And my child was crying. My child told me that he doesn’t feel like a child anymore. Because of the divorce, because he's got new siblings and so many other things.”

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