Faith Nketsi Rumoured To Be Pregnant

Is the reality TV star expecting?

By  | Apr 17, 2022, 12:19 PM  | Faith "Queen Twerk" Nketsi  | Drama

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Faith Nketsi is rumoured to be pregnant with her husband Nzuzo Njilo's baby but is keeping things under wraps for now. This according to City Press who further stated that two of her friends confirmed it.

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According to Queen Twerk's friends, Faith is apparently pregnant and will announce that in due course.

“She says that she will reveal her pregnancy as time goes on, the same way she has done with everything, including her lobola and wedding. She will reveal her baby bump as time goes on,” one friend reportedly said.

Speaking further on the weddings, a source apparently said what fans saw was a Mahlabisa ceremony, not a wedding ceremony. Adding that the nuptials will be said in due course.

“They will have a white wedding later. Mahlabisa in Setswana culture follows the lobola negotiations. They still have to follow the Zulu traditional paths, as Nzuzo is Zulu. Faith has been declining invites to come out with us this week to congratulate her. She told us that she is pregnant and does not want to be seen in public yet,” another friend apparently said.

But, her manager debunked these claims and said she will get pregnant, just not now. “Just like anybody else, they would love to have a baby but then it is not happening now. She is not pregnant. She is off social media, yes, but she is not pregnant.

“People are just assuming that she would rather get married because she is pregnant, but they have been planning to get married for a very long time. People who are close to her would know that she was supposed to get married last year already,” the manager apparently said.

Fans have been curious as to whether she is pregnant or not. Her wedding pictures did look quiet convincing but only time will tell.

Faith is understandably over the moon with her engagement and even thanked her mother for always being there for her.

"My mom it’s always been me and you, you have been my strength and I love you so much. It’s been an emotional month for the both of us and it’s been quite hard to absorb that I have grown but I promise you, you will forever be my best friend.

"I love you so much. My dad I’ll always be your little girl and you will always be my first love. I wanna show appreciation to @chef_mvula the food was amazing everyone kept talking about how amazing it was. Thank you so much."

Faith has been on the spotlight for a lot of reasons and one of them are for sex related offenses. In an old television interview, Faith set the record straight about Feline Management, saying she is not a pimp, “That was one of the toughest weeks for me when that tweet came out...first of all...I lost a lot of work, and to just clear it, guys, it is not true, there is no such thing...what this person said and what he said I deeper than me trending...girls were DM’ing me saying that they want to be a part of this...he made me realize that there’s a deeper problem here, girls were saying I can do that, sending me naked pictures of themselves, saying I can do that I don’t mind…”

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