It's Official! Faith Nketsi Shares Pictures From Her Wedding

Congratulations to Faith and her man

By  | Apr 11, 2022, 11:46 PM  | Faith Nketsi  | Relationships

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It appears a lot of Zalebs got married this past weekend. There was a rumour that Faith Nketsi aka Queen Twerk had left the streets and got married to her boyfriend of many years.

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Faith, however, did not confirm nor deny it so it left a big question on people's minds. Well there's no more reason to doubt as Faith confirmed this herself by sharing images of herself wearing her wedding gown.

Confirming that she's now off the market, the beauty expressed her love for her husband.

I love you so much Mr Njilo, there won’t be a day that will go past without me showing you how much I love you❤️. A special thank you to @otiz_seflo when I saw myself in this dress I literally cried🥺 I loved it so much. @lebogang_bang my makeup looked so beautiful, I’ll never stop telling you how much I appreciate you ❤️. Thank you @jozeest for my head peace, it completed the look and made me feel like a princess

Faith Nketsi, who broke onto the scene as twerker worked her way up and opened a management and beauty business. She also launched a rap career in that period.

In a recent TikTok video circulating on social media, Faith Nketsi is seen in a car wearing a blue Adidas set and showing off her rap skills.

 “I’m a 10 out of 10, your b*tch is a 6 she cannot maintain me, I’m popping, I need an advance.” The social media darling continues, “I’m always declining them deals, I only want bills, I’m getting them bags and I don’t care what they are talking about cause I don’t understand… why you hating on me?” She rapped.

Faith Nketsi Accused Of Cheating

Last year Faith Nketsi found herself  dragged for allegedly cheating on her then-boyfriend now husband.

This is after she was  spotted getting  with another man at Sumo Nightclub. 

In a video posted by The PopocornRoom, Nketsi said she was with her boyfriend at Sumo and dismissed the cheating claims. 

Faith's Epic Anniversay Gift

In September 2021 the couple celebrated their anniversary. Her boyfriend decided to gift her with a sporty Range Rover. She revealed this on her social media.

The pricey vehicle was wrapped in a red bow and red balloons, her friend and family were with Faith at the dealership to congratulate her on the newly acquired vehicle. This comes after she bought her beloved mother a house.

Main Image Cred; Faith Nketsi Instagram Account
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