DJ Sbu Lawyers Up Againts Blogger

He is accused of being the one behind Zahara's stolen awards

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 11:20 AM  | DJ Sbu  | Drama

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Following news that musician Zahara had her six awards stolen from her home during a burglary, a few people alleged DJ Sbu had something to do with it. When a popular Twitter blogger, Musa Khawula, accused him of sending thugs to steal the awards, he threatened to sue him for up to R1 million.

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Yesterday, we reported that Zahara had her six South African Music Awards (SAMAs) stolen from her home which is situated in a complex. She had reportedly lived in that complex for over 10 years and according to Drum, she had beef with her neighbours. But speaking to the publication, Zahara said she does not believe that they would go to the extreme of breaking in to her home and stealing her awards.

โ€œThere was no break-in at the house. Everything was exactly where I found it,โ€œ Zahara told the publication. โ€œThe thief did not take anything else besides the six SAMAs and I want them back.โ€ 

So now the question remains, who would try to hurt Zahara like this by sabotaging her? It's no secret that Zahara and DJ Sbu have not been seeing eye to eye on certain issues. But to say he is behind this is a little bit of a stretch because what would he gain from this?

Well only time will tell as Zahara has reportedly opened a case at her nearest police station. In the mean time, Sbu is trying to protect his brand and name by lawyering up against those whos accuse him in the matter.

Yesterday Musa Khawula said Sbu had something to do with it, "DJ Sbu who is rumored to have sent his thug friends to steal 6 of Zahara's awards sets to release 10 NFT pieces on the 30th April 2022. These allegations follow DJ Sbu after he swindled Zahara of her Loliwe funds."

DJ Sbu did not appreciate his name getting dragged like this so he threatened to send his lawyers for Musa. But he had two hours to delete the tweet or else suffer the consequences.

But Musa did not fold and the tweet is still there, not deleted.

DJ Sbu then tweeted something cryptic about people building their brands and build relationships instead of making enemies. This might have been directed at Musa Khawula.

"Dont hustle backwards. Build relationships, not break them. Create friends not enemies. This life thing is too long."

The two of them have been beefing for a very long time now after Zahara said she had not been paid for her album loliwe. This was released when she was signed under DJ Sbu's record label.

DJ Sbu repeatedly addressed this saying he would never seek to profit over Zahara's hard work. Speaking to TshisaLive at the time he said, โ€œI built myself from nothing, I've never sought an opportunity to benefit from someone or try take somebody else's money. When I met Zahara I was already rich, I could never take a single cent of Zahara's money,โ€ he told the publication.

He then said Zahara actually owes him โ€œActually it's the other way around. My younger sister Zahara, I cannot even say she owes me, it was just my duty to help out other people.  don't expect anything in return. I'm just excited about the history that we've made together. Even my fellow fallen soldiers who passed on, may their souls rest in peace. I think I go down in the history  of South African music and I'll still continue releasing music.โ€

But Zahara maintains that she never gained a cent from Loliwe royalties.

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