Fifi Cooper on how she kept going

The first lady of Motswako is looking back 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fifi Cooper  | Drama

Fifi Cooper

Mafikeng native, Fifi Cooper was thrust into the spotlight a couple of years ago and her journey in the entertainment industry has not been smooth sailing. During her time in the spotlight, she has faced a lot of challenges including a legal battle with her former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment

The rapper has managed to come out of the drama and she now has her own independent record label,  MoCooper Records. In an interview on Touch HD, the musician got candid about her journey and how she has been since her legal victory, " I have been great, honestly, I am now focusing on my record label, even though it was difficult with me going through the whole court thing and because it happened in the public, it was really draining because it took so long, it drained me financially, emotionally, it was just too much for me," she explained. 

Fifi Cooper

Speaking of how she dealt with the situation she said, "I just kept praying and recording." 

When asked about how the EFF and Julius Malema helped her, she said, "The EFF helped me and now I have my freedom back, that's why I felt like I need to drop something for my fans, it's been like a while and what has been motivating me to keep pushing and never give up is because I have a son, he is 5-years-old now and I just can't be in Joburg and not be working, so even though I went through the court case, a lot of people did not want to book me for events because they did not want to get involved, people were really like:, "nah, we are not trying to vibe with you."  she told the station. 

Following her legal victory, Fifi took to Instagram to thank the EFF and Julius Malema for saving her, in the caption, she said, "when Jesus say yes nobody can say no.. I would like to thank @julius.malema.sello and @effsouthafrica for helping me with the case🙏. The war is ALMOST over and I don’t really know how to thank Mr Malema. It’s been a very stressful year and I’m very happy the case is over now!! Now we can finally drop the album #Freedom"

Despite the music, the star is also a television presenter and a brand influencer, her latest album, Take me back, is available on all big digital platforms. 

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