Footage of the slap that got Mbali disqualified

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

Big Brother Mzansi has been on the airwaves for less than two weeks, but the controversy, hype and drama are already at maximum levels. Last night we watched on as Big Brother disqualified Mbali Zulu for assaulting fellow housemate, Iris. The incident took place over the weekend and what seemed like a playful affair turned out to be a little more discomforting when Mbali slapped Iris after having had one too many drinks. 

Big Brother made the official announcement last night and revealed that such behaviour would not be tolerated from either chambermates or Big Brother Mzansi housemates. The disqualification came into effect immediately and Mbali will surely be kicking himself following this moment of brief madness that cost him a potential shot at  R1million. 

While the news has done a lot of rounds in recent hours, many people have not had the opportunity to see footage of the actual incident. Mbali is clearly drunk when the altercation takes place and although there wasn't a great deal of force used in the slap, we suspect it is the intention more than anything else that set off Big Brother's radar. We have footage of the incident below, pay careful attention to the moment when Mbali approaches Iris at the beginning and watch his body language afterwards- he is clearly intoxicated.